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12 Best Zombie Movies on Amazon Prime (Updated 2022)


In a zombie movie, every zombie has a unique style of walking. They don’t talk. They just want to kill living human beings. These are almost common in every zombie movie. In fact, the whole world is also on the verge of extinction. If you are obsessed with such films, here’s a list of the best 12 zombie movies streaming on Amazon Prime right now.

Be it saving the city or the whole world, Amazon Prime has a bunch of the best zombie movies. Why would you scroll down hundreds of such movies? Keep on reading this article. You will have a collection of top-rated zombie movies available on Amazon Prime.


Best Zombie Movies on Amazon Prime

  1. Train to Busan (2006)
gong yoo calling train to busan

You are probably wondering about Gong Woo with the series Squid Game or The Silent Sea. Before this, he got his international fame through Train to Busan. It’s a zombie movie where a divorced fund manager goes on a journey taking his daughter to her mother. To celebrate her birthday, they board a train to Busan.

Fortune had something horrible for them. A group of zombies attack the train and kill every passenger. It focuses on capitalism and societal discrimination. It was a breakthrough zombie movie, Korean in this particular genre. A unique plot and attractive making catapult the movie to a level better.

  1. Carriers (2009)
chris pine in carriers 2009 quarratine movie

Not being so-called zombie movie but it is kind of an apocalyptic movie where a group of four friends decides to stop spreading the epidemic. Unfortunately, one of them becomes a victim of the epidemic. The other three friends are on the journey of protecting themselves as well as the city. 


The film features Chris Pine. though it didn’t get much success at the box office, critics loved the movie. Due to Covid-19, Carriers is one of the unique movies to set a tune of the survival film about quarantine.  

  1. Flu (2013)
flu 2013 virus

Several movies are on the list due to various severe epidemics or pandemics. Many such films are from foreign countries. Flu is one of them. Coming from South Korea, the film has a unique touch on their culture. It follows a deadly virus that kills its victim within 36 hours. So deadly that the effect is terrible, visually. 

The storyline is good. With some good shots, the movie leaves us with a deed to protect humans from such viruses in the future.   

  1. Alone (2020)
alone 2020 zombie movie

Amazon Prime has released many recent movies based on zombies or deadly viruses. After the pandemic, the movie reflects the same living style of Covid-19 except it contains zombies. There are zombies outside. A young man locks himself in his room. He gets everything from the ration. 

When the outbreak spreads around the globe, he leaves no stones unturned to protect a young neighbor. It was perhaps the first zombie movie during the Corona period. The film features Donald Sutherland, Tyler Posey, and several other prominent industry faces. 

  1. King of the Zombies (1941)
king of the zombies 1941

From the first zombie films, you will find this classic on every list. Because of its unique storyline, the movie still attracts the attention of film lovers. Shot on a spooky island, the story follows a doctor who creates zombies to protect themselves from Hitler. 


Being a horror film, it doesn’t thrill us all the time rather there are some comedy scenes that make the movie more distinctive. You should add some classic or black & white movies to your watchlist. 

  1. The Night Eats the World (2018)
the night eats the world french zombie movies

If singing happens in one night! You saw Korean films, American films, and British films. Now, it’s time to move on to French. Shot in the place of love, the movie contains some spectacular landscapes along with French streets. The film follows Sam, a young man who suddenly sees a drastic change around the world.  

Similar to most survival movies, there is a lone survivor who quarantines himself due to the outbreak of zombies on the streets. When he learns that he is not alone there, he feels optimistic about his survival. The story is based on Pit Agarmen’s novel. 

  1. World War Z (2013)
world war z brad pitt zombie movie

This particular movie featuring Brad Pitt was a sensation at a time. Because of the new kind of venture for Pitt, it was buzzing on the internet. The only attractive feature of this movie is Brad Pitt, though the making is also quite good. It was a blockbuster but with mixed positive reviews. 

The story centers around a former United Nations employee who goes on to save the world from human-eating zombies. Some spectacular horrible scenes thrill us every frequent time. 

  1. Zombie for Sale (2020)
zombie for sale korean zombie movie

Think about making a zombie business! It’s kind of a fresh idea for a start-up right now. Quite surprisingly the strange Park family finds out that a pharmaceutical company has illegally created zombies. This instigated their greed. This is why the title already suggests an overview of what you may go to see. 


The movie stands out because of its uniqueness. Where most zombie films are confined to horror films, this one blends horror with comedy which is where it stands out among others.  Also, there are some wonderful landscapes in Korea. 

  1. Revolt of the Zombies (1936)
revolt of the zombies 1936

To widen your zombie movies watchlist, it should add diversity. The zombie genre is not a new one but a very old one that has been giving pleasure throughout the ages. Set in the time of World War I, the story follows an expedition that tries to destroy the attempts to create zombies. 

It was kind of a unique story at a time, though it is still. Zombie lovers should not leave this unmarked. 

  1. White Zombie (1932)
white zombie 1932 first zombie feature film best zombie movie you should watch on amazon prime

Perhaps the first zombie movie in the history of film. The very old independent film inspired later filmmakers to work in such a genre. Bela Lugosi is as remarkable as a zombie. His attire is still considered influential in cinematic history. 

Based on the novel by William Seabrook, the story follows a woman’s transformation into a zombie. There are some spectacular horrible scenes that make the movie attractive and influential. 

  1. Juan of the Dead (2012)
juan of the dead spanish zombie movie

This award-winning Spanish-Cuban film mixes horror with political connection. The film features Juan starting a zombie-killing business to save their band. As it gets into the political sphere, the situation creates discrimination. 


Alejandro expertly creates a tussle between the common people and the political leaders. This is where the film is unique and distinguishable from others. You should add this to your watchlist.  

  1. Night of the Living Dead (1968)
george romero night of the living dead 1968 best zombie movie on amazon prime

George Romero’s this classic piece became a cult classic. The movie has been inspiring generation after generation of filmmakers all over the world. Though before this, there were many zombie movies, George Romero set a unique tone for such a genre. There have been several remakes but could never give any competition to the former.

After a group of zombies starts to kill human beings, the residents living there close themselves in a house to protect against those human-eating zombies. This black & white film is an awesome piece of the gold collection that is re-watchable several times.


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