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9 Other Movies to Watch If You Like Kung Fu Panda


If you have already watched and loved Kung Fu Panda, you might be in search of similar movies. I think I’m guessing it wrong. Who doesn’t love Kung Fu Panda? The movie that set the theatre on fire manifests millions of children’s childhood memories. Many kids can connect with this movie, particularly for its enriching elements. It’s not just only a children’s film rather adult people feel too attracted by its positive vibes.

We have also compiled a list of similar movies like Kung Fu Panda that you want to watch. Not only for its Kung Fu elements but because of its rich context. It’s an essential film for those who are looking for inspirational films. At a time, everybody takes shelter from such movies that motivate them. Kung Fu Panda is a burning example of self-realization, happiness, success, struggle, and everything we find in our day-to-day lives.


This is why the movie is very special to the Hollywood film industry. It broke all the previous box office records. This is why we saw 3 back to back hits. Kung Fu Panda is a unique piece that you may not find in other Movies. Yet, we will try to give you a list of those similar movies that can match the similarity of the context. Without wasting time, let’s start with our first obvious one which is Kung Fu Panda itself, one of the funny, inspirational, and emotional animated Kung Fu movies of all time.   

9 Movies like Kung Fu Panda

  • Kung Fu Panda (2008-2016)
best animated funny kung fu movies ever
Image Source: NETFLIX

Does it fall under the category of Kung Fu movies? Partially, for the setting of the plot but the film mostly expresses self-realization. Kung Fu Panda has become a must-watch film because it’s an inspirational film. Same a quintessential entertaining movie, it tells the story of Po, a Kung Fu enthusiast who mistakenly gets selected in a martial arts competition as the Dragon Warrior. Teaming up with the Furious Five, he destroys the evil forces in the village. 

There are 3 movies in the Kung Fu Panda Franchise, and 4th part waiting to be released. Every part is inspiring, and philosophical, and shows us looking into our inner side. Movies like Kung Fu Panda enrich our philosophical views on life. It casts various prominent actors like Jackie Chan as Monkey, Dustin Hoffman as Master Shifu, Jack Black as Po, Angelina Jolie as Tigress, and many more. With unique plots in every movie, you can’t miss any part of this franchise. Every part is available on Netflix. 

  • How to Train Your Dragon (2010-2019)
how to train your dragon similar movies to kung fu panda
Image Source: IMDB

Talking about similar movies like Kung Fu Panda, and How to Train Your Dragon provokes you after you finish Kung Fu Panda. The later film has so much attachment that instigates you to find similar movies. An unlucky Viking who is supposed to kill a dragon because of his familial tradition befriends it which leads to a great adventure. With several major awards, the film was a huge box office success and received Academy Award nominations as well but lost to Toy Story 3. 

Above all, similar to Kung Fu Panda, this film also carries a message. It’s an amazingly inspirational film that definitely goosebumps you. Alas, there wouldn’t be 4th part of this franchise. Now, the movie is available on Netflix.  

  • The Lion King (1994)
the lion king best animation movie ever made
Image Source: IMDB

Being one of the all-time hit animated movies, The Lion King is especially popular for its deep philosophical touch. Since its release, there have been many remakes that don’t compete with the trailblazer and even come closer to this film. It’s the story of Simba who tries to revenge for his father’s death and regain the glory of his own kingdom.    


Kind of Shakespearean style, specifically Hamlet, The Lion King is rich with dialogues, storytelling, and visuals. The film didn’t only become the highest-grossing animated film of all time but it thrust the fame of the Walt Disney production house to another level as well. There are two more parts released later.   

  • Mulan (1998)
mulan 1998 disney animation movie
Image Source: IMDB

Disney has given us a bunch of amazing movies throughout the years, especially during its renaissance period. Mulan is among them. It tells an ancient Chinese story from the Han Dynasty. Based on the legend of Hua Mulan, the film focuses on Fa Mulan, the daughter of an aged warrior. She disguises herself and joins the army instead of her father to counter Hun’s invasion. 

Mulan was a critically and box office successful film due to its plot, characters, and music. Followed by its success, a sequel had been released in 2004. Also, another live-action film was released in 2020. It’s an amazing film which you can’t miss if you are looking for Kung Fu Panda like similar movies.  

  • Finding Dory (2016)
finding dory 2016 Ellen DeGeneres gives voice foe Dory
Image Source: Disney

It’s a story of an amnesiac who can’t remember her past but has to find her lost parents. Dory befriends a clownfish Marlin and his son Nemo. on the way to searching for her parents, they learn the real meaning of a family. The film broke many box office records and set a new one. Hearing Ellen DeGeneres as Dory makes the character more realistic. 

As well as being a thought-provoking film, it gives us a beautiful adventure. Not only kids but the film makes an impact on adults’ minds. This heart-touching story is enough to make your day refresh with its colorful visuals. For your information, it’s a sequel to Finding Nemo. 

  • Epic (2013)
epic 2013 similar movies like kung fu panda
Image Source: Pinterest

The film justifies the title exactly. It tells you the story of a teenage girl, Mary who suddenly gets shrunk and transported into another exotic world. It is impossible to think that a tiny girl is going to protect the world against evil. This is what Mary does by riding on a breathtaking adventure along with her new friends. With mixed positive reviews, the film went well at the box office. 


Some remarkable visuals make the movie a beautiful piece. A bunch of respected actors have given their voices in this film. It’s based on William Joyce’s 1996 children’s book The Leaf Men and The Brave Good Bugs. with the best elements of animated movies like Kung Fu Panda, you will find pure entertainment through the film without going too deeper. 

  • Rise of the Guardians (2012)
rise of the guardian
Image Source: Netflix

Fully dedicated to children’s preferences, Rise of the Guardians is a piece that distinguishes good and evil. It makes a kid differentiate people. In this magical adventure, an evil spirit attacks the children on the planet and wants to take it over. But a group of immortal guardians including the Tooth Fairy, Jack Frost, Easter Bunny, and Santa determined to protect the innocent beliefs of the children. 

It’s an educational blending with entertainment film which all of you will ultimately like due to its aesthetics and of course, cutting-edge visuals. If you already have a Netflix subscription, then without wasting time, finish the movie.    

  • Brave (2012)
brave movie 2012
Image Source: Disney

Another inspirational film that goes similar to Kung Fu Panda was released in 2012. Self-realization is at its best. When Merida, a princess realizes her bravery and archery skill, she vows to destroy the long-adored curse. This colorful film has everything to give you goosebumps and motivation. What we realize in our life at a certain point appears throughout this film. 

Pixar has given us a bunch of the greatest films. Brave is one of them. What’s more significant about this film is that it’s an Academy Award-winning picture. With this film, Pixar introduced many new features in Brave, including the first female protagonist and Dolby Atmos sound format.  

  • Legend of a Kung Fu Rabit (2011)
legend of a kung fu rabbit funny kung fu animated movie similar to Kung fu panda
Image Source: IMDB

While Panda learns Kung Fu to destroy the evil forces in the valley in the Kung Fu Panda series, Legend of a Kung Fu Rabbit just shows the opposite plot where a Rabbit learns Kung Fu to beat a Panda. A fully entertaining film with no brainy element, you just need to enjoy this animated movie. If you are looking for the best movies like Kung Fu Panda, then this film goes the most similar hand to hand based on its setting.  


Though this is an aesthetically similar movie, it has specifically Kung Fu in it. This is one of the Kung Fu Panda-like funny Kung Fu movies I have ever seen. Due to its underrated rating, you may not watch but it has all the elements of entertainment. 

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