About Us

What is Filmo Maniac About?

We all love films, right. Well, who doesn’t? There will hardly be a few who don’t like to watch films or be entertained. Like you, Filmo Maniac also breathes in films, especially outstanding foreign language films or world movies. It’s a space where readers will get a different taste of an entertainment website. 

A film is not just a medium of visual communication, it’s like a fascinating subject or magic. It can make you smile, emotional, or thrill within a minute. What we can’t experience in real life, it is lived through films.  

As the name suggests, it exactly justifies the characters behind Filmo Maniac. Having been encouraged by films created in 1896 to date, we live in it through others’ journeys on the screen. Filmo Maniac is created on the philosophy of covering news on great films ever made. Filmo Maniac believes in the blending culture of Our films and Their films. 

Film is such a medium where there is no cultural boundary. It’s a great time to spread the word of those great movies which were at a time a non-existed thing to common people. Because of the advent of OTT platforms, it has been easier to blend the culture of other countries and share the best materials with each other.

If you share the same philosophy, this is a one-stop destination for all movie buffs. We not only cover the best foreign language films but the nuances also going around the worldwide film industry in every country including web shows. Great movies inspire us to cover great news. To expand the area of such a world, Filmo Maniac is devoted at its core. Join us for the revolution of a different world of movies.