Al Pacino mental health condition

Al Pacino Mental Health: Is He Alright?


Is Al Pacino sick? The question of the health of Al Pacino has been circulating on the internet for long.

Al Pacino is one of the legendary and the most revered actors living in Hollywood. His connection with depression has a long history. We heard a few years back that Al Pacino was in depression for quite some time but what happened to his health again?


It’s the same depression that is being more terrified. It has been deteriorating day by day. Even his children have shared their concerns over their father’s chronic mental health. This issue is common to us, even Hollywood has seen many deaths because of depression notably Robin Williams.

In an interview at the Venice Film festival, he said: “I may be depressed but I don’t know about it.

The Oscar winner actor shared his views on mental health. “People go into depression and it’s very, very sad and it can last and it’s terrifying.


“I know that, I’ve had bouts with stuff that comes close to that, but not with that intensity. I feel spared, I feel lucky.”

Al Pacino also indicated movies specifically, The Godfather 2 being the first connection with mental health. Then The Humbling is another project where we see an older musician fall for a younger woman.

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He also confirmed that he has been battling mental illness for over 25 years. His twin kids are taking care of their father. Recently we have seen Pacino in some projects such as House of Gucci and The Hunter.

Pacino is working on his upcoming movies as well, though how effective his mental illness is, only known to his doctor. Yet, he is working at 82 years of age. This is such an inspiration.

His depression dates back to his early days in Hollywood. Pacino just got fame and reconciled with his previous life, though it was very difficult to adjust into a new life.


He may be in depression but lives his life to the fullest with passion. There’s not much concern about his mental health issues till he is working. So, to answer the our question, he is alright now.

Recently Pacino was spotted dancing on the street. Listening to music helps battle with depression. It is one of the best remedies to deal with mental illness. His next project could be Sniff opposite Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, and Danny Davito.


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