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These Al Pacino Movies are Streaming on Netflix


Rags to riches stories are always inspiring. It is more popular when it comes to Hollywood. We have seen many such performers touching the moon. One such example is, of course, Al Pacino, the legend of acting or humorously The Godfather. If you are a blind fan of his, you must be looking for Al Pacino movies on Netflix or Amazon, or any OTT platform. This article includes Netflix movies only.

When it comes to Al Pacino movies, it is certainly to relate to The Godfather and Scarface. But alas! Those movies are not available on Netflix right now in the Indian region, though you can watch some of his other notable movies on the platform. After rummaging through all the movies and TV series of Pacino, I found a few. Let’s look at those below. Here’s a list of all Al Pacino movies available on Netflix right now, specifically in India.


Al Pacino Movies on Netflix RIGHT NOW (updated)

  1. Heat

One of the most anticipated films of 1995 would be certainly Heat because two Oscar winners were coming to feature together in one movie. The collaboration between Al Pacino and Robert De Niro is like an obsession. Their movies are still searched on the internet.

In this Michael Mann film, Pacino plays a detective, Hanna who is after a notorious bank robber, Neil McCauley. Based on a true story, Neil wants to end his criminal life and start a new good one. This cat-and-mouse story also features Val Kilmer as Chris. It had to be a huge success. One of the best Al Pacino movies is now streaming on Netflix.

  1. Donnie Brasco

Yes, Donnie Brasco is only available on Netflix India right now. Besides doing some magical or occult films, Johnny Depp established himself as a prominent actor in the crime drama. Not just Depp but here’s another attraction Al Pacino. He came up with his detective characteristics. Working with Al Pacino in the film was challenging as a rising star but he maintained a competitive edge throughout the film. 


It tells the story of an undercover FBI agent who goes on to destroy the crime families in New York. In this crime thriller, Mike Newell explores the true undercover life of an FBI agent. It was a huge box office success along with critical appreciation. The dark mood of the film consistently tracks the movie to the end. 

  1. The Irishman

There are only 4 movies featuring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino together. One is The Godfather 2, the second one is Heat and Righteous Kill is the third and the last one is The Irishman. Recently there was a sensation when it came to Netflix. It was one of the biggest releases of the year. Being the first collaboration between Scorsese and Pacino, the filmmaker remarked humorously on their collaboration. 

Wherever they appear together, it had to be a gangster movie. No doubt, The Irishman maintains the exact match. It’s an authentic gangster movie where Frank Sheeran takes a look at his past life when he became a hitman working for the mobster boss Jimmy Hoffa. Through this movie, Scorsese again rekindled his mostly picked-out gangster genre. 


Though the film was nominated in 10 categories at the Oscars, it didn’t receive any. For your information, this is the longest and most expensive film in Scorsese’s career. 

  1. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Though the role is small, it appropriately justifies the script. We don’t get enough appearances of Pacino. Yet, he establishes his magic through this small appearance. As we know that the movie is based on a specific time period in Hollywood.

The main attraction of this film was of course Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt coming together in one film for the first time. The film sets in 1960s Los Angeles, specifically the late 1960s when an almost forgotten actor and his body double trying to rekindle their career. There are multiple layers in this film.


Also, it includes the Tate murders. It was a huge success with positive critical reviews. Al Pacino plays the character of Marvin Schwarz, Rick Dalton’s agent.  

While researching Al Pacino movies on Netflix what I noticed is surprising. Every movie available on Netflix India right now has one thing in common. They feature Al Pacino with other leading actors also. This was the list of all Al Pacino films available on Netflix India right now. I hope Netflix launches its most famous movies as well in the future. 

Is there any series of Pacino on Netflix? Unfortunately, not. His most popular series Angels in America and recently Hunters are not available on Netflix. You can watch Hunters on Amazon Prime only.



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