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Aparajito Broke the Long-held Unbeatable Record and Made a New Milestone


To date, as we all knew, The Shawshank Redemption was the highest IMDB-rated movie but that is history now. Aparajito broke that almost unbeatable record held for a long time. Leaving behind many Bollywood, even Hollywood films, Anik Dutta directed, Aparajito set its place as the highest IMDB-rated movie with 9.5 stars.

Where regional films are setting new records every year, it’s another proud moment for the Indian film industry specifically the Bengali film industry which has given numerous world-famous movies. With a new cast, plot, and time, Aparajito details the life and work of honorary Oscar winner Satyajit Ray.


Seeing Satyajit Ray’s films on the screen is always a pleasure but seeing the master’s work on the screen gives us a more in-depth study of the director.

Aparajito Became the Highest IMDB Rated movie


Why did it receive the highest rating tag? Most of us are familiar with Satyajit Ray’s movies. A temptation always works among movie buffs and Indian filmmakers when it comes to this world-famous filmmaker. Aparajito explores Satyajit Ray’s struggle of making Pather Panchali. The behind-the-camera appearance is almost unknown to everyone. It’s a great way to explore the filmmaker’s journey when he was making his first film. It’s a great tribute to him on his birth centenary. 



The leading actor who is playing the character of Satyajit Ray is almost similar. Every posture, way of looking, and attitude, seems very similar to Ray. A local Bengali actor Jeetu has played the part of Ray.

  • Jeetu Kamal – Aparajito Ray
  • Saayoni Ghosh – Bimala Ray
  • Debashis Roy – Subir Mitra
  • Paran Banerjee – Biman Roy
  • Barun Chanda – Jawhar Kaul
  • Ritwick Purkait – Debashis Barman
  • Anjana Basu – Sarbamangala

Release Date


Aparajito directed by Anik Dutta was released on 13th May 2022 at your nearest cinema hall. Though there is no release date on any OTT platform yet, hope it will come to some giant platforms soon. 

Here’s the trailer of Anik Dutta’s Aparajito.


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