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Azor Digs Deeper into the Culture of Mysterious Private Banking


We have already been accustomed to rich putting their money into the Swiss bank. Though it’s secret for common people, the director takes us through the culture of private banking in this bank through his chilly masterpiece, Azor. Currently streaming on Mubi, Azor explores that a private banker from Geneva goes to Argentina to replace his partner who disappeared mysteriously. 

Talking about the director of this series, Andrea Fontana belongs to a private banking family. This is what intrigued him first. Where everything looked mysterious, the director felt interested in private banking at an early age. He felt that there is a huge territory in the world of finance that can be portrayed on screen. The film stars Fabrizio Rongione, Stephanie Cleau, Carmen Iriondo.


Due to the advantage of saving tax, the Swiss banks have helped many wealthy people over the years. The story is set in 1980s Argentina at the time of the Junta’s dirty war. Researching over 2.5 years on the project, the director has explored the nooks and corners of this mysterious banking system minutely. The film is a collaborative project between Argentina, France, and Swiss. 

Taling about the inspiration of the fol, the director said that he was inspired by the 1899’s novella, “Heart of Darkness” written by Joseph Conrad. As private bankers travel the whole world for their clients, the film is also based on travel. He also explores how the rich move their wealth in such banks in order to save tax.  

As the story is filled with secrets, the director had to portray everything minutely. The narration and tense are obviously important for such a film. It is very difficult to explore such confidentialities in a private bank’s culture. The film is based on controversial topics so the director had to be exact. There is a great deal of mystery which Swiss banks never explode to the public. 


Azor seriously gives a new perspective on the private bank culture that can be handed over to the next generation. The film has already been screened at the London Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival as well as other international film festivals. Right now Andreas is working on his next historical fiction project which is also based on diplomats and their relationships. 


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