Best Bengali movies on Amazon Prime

11 Best Bengali Movies of All Time on Amazon Prime


Bengal is one of the most renowned cultural shrines in the world. Watching movies is not complete without watching Bengali movies. Where can you get it? Of course, Amazon Prime. With lots of spectacular films, there are some of the best Bengali movies are currently streaming on Amazon Prime. What are you waiting for?

Bengali movies have extraordinary contributions to the Indian film industry. It was probably the mid-1950s when Bengali movies gave Indian films a boost to reach the international market. With the birth of Satyajit Ray, Tapan Sinha, and Ritwik Ghatak, the Indian film industry was spreading its wings to become a global player.


Many regional films have been produced later but Bengali movies contributed heavily to the Indian entertainment field. Now, if you want to watch any movies, you can open any OTT app and stream thousands of movies anywhere in the world. Let me give you a list of the best Bengali movies currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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Because of Bengal’s rich cultural legacy, we are getting more such spectacular movies every year. Aside from producing mainstream movies, Bengali art films are simultaneously popular as well. If you know Bengali movies only by Satyajit Ray or Ritwik Ghatak then you are missing the rich legacy of Bengali films created by masters. Here’s a list of the 11 best Bengali movies available on Amazon Prime.


Best Bengali movies on Amazon Prime for free

  1. Aparajito (1956)

Bengali movies are enriched with many of Satyajit Ray’s works. Whether Pather Panchali or Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen, every movie carries its step mark. Aparajito is one of the must-watch movies for every movie lover. There’s a remake also named the same Aparajito released in 2022 directed by Anik Dutta.

Among the first few movies of Ray, Aparajito is one of them. With several prominent recognitions, this movie established itself as one of the master filmmakers of all time. The story revolves around Apu’s childhood moments to growing as an adult. This is the 2nd installment of the Apu trilogy.

  1. Sonar Kella (1974)

Detective movies got a new definition through Ray’s creation of Feluda. He is one of the best detectives in the world. While the 1970s was an experimental time for Ray, he was on the way to creating a new Satyajit Ray. This film is an Indian milestone followed by next-gen filmmakers.


The story follows Feluda investing in Mukul’s past life. Acquired by Topshe, his cousin cum helping hand follows him for the quest. Not only in the film industry but it is also a deed for Indian literature. Who could think about shooting in the desert of Rajasthan at that time except for Ray?

  1. Chotushkone (2014)

Four directors come together with four short stories to make a feature film. Those stories are interconnected with each other which leads to death. In this star-studded film, Srijit Mukherji captures surrealism along with lights, and emotion. Chotushkone is one of the best Bengali thriller movies on Amazon Prime.

This makes us excited about the film. If you know Srijit Mukherji because of Autograph or 22 Se Srabon then give this a watch. You will find a new Srijit. His movies are strongly supported by extraordinary stories.  Bengali movies got their modernity through him.

  1. Dhonni Meye (1971)

There’s another most popular comedy film in Bengali film history. The famous song, “Sob Khelar Sera Bangalir” is in this film. There’s a star-studded cast including Uttam Kumar, Rabi Ghosh, and Sabitri Chatterjee. Uttam Kumar is flexible in any character he played.

The film follows a group of a football team that goes to challenge the opposite by seeking revenge upon them. One of the most hilarious comedy sequences is there in this film. With a fantastic cast, Dhonni Meye is a must-watch Bengali movie streaming on Amazon Prime.

  1. Hirak Rajar Deshe (1980)

On one side, he was a filmmaker, on the other, he was a great composer, writer, and painter. Who could carry such a parallel identity at its best in every field? Ray showed us. He oversaw every nook and corner of filmmaking. Hirak Rajar Deshe is another example of setting a benchmark for film creation.


How innovative, unique, and exotic a film could be! If you see a few films of Ray, you would realize his mastery of everything about filmmaking. A sequel to Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne, Hirak Rajar Deshe is totally different from his previous films. Structured in a unique style, the film set a level of filmmaking. The story follows an evil king’s destruction.

  1. Chiriakhana (1967)

Amazon Prime has most of Ray’s popular films for free. Chiriakhana is another one. His first foray into detective films was through one of the most prominent detectives in Bengali literature, Byomkesh Bakshi. Combining the best actor, best director, and best writer was the eternal creation of arts through Chiriakhana.

Uttam Kumar as Bakshi gave his best performance, making him a national award winner. The story follows an investigation of a murder. Kumar collaborated with Ray on another film named Nayak.

  1. Ashite Ashiona (1967)

If you like comedy movies, then what’s better than Ashite Ashiona! Bhanu Bandopadhyay, the comedy king is at his best. Especially known for humourous performance, this film shows philosophical and emotional scenes also. Be it young or old, both characters are perfectly portrayed by him.

It is Bhanu Banerjee’s film especially, because of the main attraction was him. The story is unique and amazing. It tells the story of an 80-year-old man who wants to get his youth back. There’s a pond in the village that can give him that power. Isn’t it interesting to jump into a river and come out as young?

  1. Shob Charitro Kalpanik (2009)

Rituparno Ghosh’s mastery of human behavior was already appreciated by critics throughout the world. He takes on an unhappy couple’s married life. After marrying a famous poet, Radhika feels her married life is not content because her husband is lost in his poetry without giving her time.


Most of Rituparno Ghosh’s stories bear only one thing in common which is complex human behavior. He could truly expose the nooks and corners of human feelings through his films. Ghosh is another filmmaker who created a legacy for the Indian film industry.

  1. Unishe April (1994)

If I consider the evolution of the Bengali film industry over time then after the 90s, there was a big shift in taste. Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, and Ritwik Ghatak created milestones in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. With their inspiration, followers came up with new ideas. New filmmakers rose to prominence after the 90s. Rituparno Ghosh was born.

It was interesting to see that mainstream actors also were coming together to work in art films at that time. Unishe April was one such film that continued the contemporary Bengali art film’s legacy later. The movie follows a young girl brought up in a hostel who resents her negligent mother. Most of Ghosh’s films are simple narratives that show complex human behavior.

  1. Calcutta 71 (1971)

If you know Indian filmmakers by Satyajit Ray and Ritwik Ghatak who pushed the level of the industry to an international height, then you forgot to consider Mrinal Sen who had an equal contribution to the industry. He came up with his own unique style of filmmaking. Apart from Ray and Ghatak, Sen also established his space at that time.

Later filmmakers followed his films. Calcutta 71 is one of them. It’s about the time of Bengal’s famine period. The film captures hunger, protest, freedom, and rights through 4 different stories. Mrinal Sen is known for his spectacular creation of a combination of arts, politics, and philosophy. His films give us an overview of contemporary India.

  1. Herbert (2005)

I was heavily impressed by non-linear storytelling and the performance of Subhashis Mukhopadhyay in Herbert. Based on Nabarun Bhattacharya’s novel by the same name, Herbert is a story of a man connecting himself with the spiritual power talks to the dead. As soon as he becomes famous, an organization starts to plot against him.

Filmmaker Suman Mukhopadhyay’s best movie in his life gave him international fame. Now, because Herbert is available on Amazon Prime, you can taste some of the best creations of all time. Sometimes, the movie can make you puzzled as there’s a story inside a story.


If you already have Amazon Prime subscription then you can watch these movies for free.


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