Best Comedy Kung fu movies

21 Best Comedy Kung Fu Movies of All Time


When it comes to comedy Kung fu movies, then Jackie Chan clearly tops the chart. His style is quite quirky, though there are others as well like Sammo Hung, Jet Li, and others. Their movies are filled with action, comedy, and unique plots. The bonding between Hung and Chan which gave several hit films, most of which are considered the best comedy Kung Fu movies of all time. I’ll give you a list of those funny Kung Fu movies in this article.

I don’t think before Jackie Chan there were any who changed the concept or making of Kung Fu movies. Then, came various actors who rose to prominence with their unique styles. Some animated Kung Fu movies also fall into this category like Kung Fu Panda or Kung Fu Hustle where there’s a combination of comedy and inspiration.


21 Best Comedy Kung Fu Movies of All Time 

  1. Kung Fu Hustle (2004)

I hope many of us have already seen this movie and Shaolin Soccer as well. There is a dedicated audience just for Stephen Chow’s two films. One is Shaolin Soccer and the other is Kung Fu Hustle. Similar to the approach of Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle also shows the extreme side of Kung Fu. Flying kicks, powerful fists, and slow-motion actions all describe the two films’ approaches to Kung Fu. It’s still an entertaining piece of Kung Fu film ever made.

The story describes an aspiring gangster who comes to a locality to terrorize the neighborhood. But on the other side, there are already 3 expert martial artists who were unknown to him. This hilarious piece can work as a mood refresher whenever you are feeling depressed. I think Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer are the best interpretations of Kung Fu parody. 

  1. Shaolin Soccer (2001)

Who doesn’t know about this film! It would be surprising to hear that you have never heard of this movie or seen it. Because as we grow older, we are accustomed to various movies such as this. So, some of our childhood memories might be involved with Shaolin Soccer. What unexpected things can you imagine in the Kung Fu world?


Whatever magical scenarios appear in your mind are in this film because it bears the culture of Kung Fu after 2000. We come to see Kung Fu’s appearance in a unique way through this movie. Shaolin films almost lost their old-school filmmaking style after the 90s. Later, Shaolin Soccer gave us old-school Kung Fu movies blending comedy and action wrapped in a modern-world filmmaking style. It’s a story of a Shaolin follower who gathers his friends to popularize their Kung Fu skills on the soccer field.

  1. Kung Pow: Enter the Fist (2002)

Kung Pow crossed all levels of Kung Fu. Though it’s a parody, the film set a tone for Kung Fu funny movies. After his parent’s death, a man with great Kung Fu skills sets out on a journey to kill the evil man. Similar stories to most Kung Fu films where death, and revenge, are the ultimate demand from the movies. We are familiar with fighting between two humans but here, you will see a man fighting with an animal as well.

But its comedy, specifically physical comedy, will remind you that you are not watching any serious Kung Fu movie. So, chill and enjoy the whole entertainment. It’s a fantastic combination of Kung Fu and comedy. Where Kung Fu Hustle approaches uniquely, Kung Pow has exoticness throughout the movie.   

  1. Police Story (1985 – 2013)

If you have to define a popular film in the 80s by Jackie Chan, I hope you will never forget to include Police Story. The film that strengthened the sphere of this martial artist worldwide was released in 1985. It was so successful that it became a phenomenon overnight and came with a very popular franchise.

More interesting is that the first two parts were directed by Jackie. There have been 8 films related to the first part. The legacy continued until 2013 with Police Story 2013. Except for the last part, every movie in this franchise falls under comedy martial arts movies. According to Jackie Chan, the first part of Police Story is the best film of his life. It is also one of the best martial arts comedy movies of all time. The plot revolves around a Hong Kong police officer.  

  1. Drunken Master (1978)

Jackie Chang’s Kung Fu movies are mostly famous for their uniqueness due to the funny elements in them. And who can make funny Kung Fu movies better than Jackie? Drunken Master is the starting example of his quirky appearance on the screen. He had already worked in other films but that didn’t prove his unique appearance, Drunken Master did.


When it comes to the best Kung Fu comedy movies, how can you miss Drunken Master? This is the film that catapulted Jackie’s career to a different level. Many unique styles of Kung Fu along with Jackie’s marvelous comic timing become the USP of the movie. It tells you the story of a young boy who learns the art of Kung Fu from his alcoholic master to take revenge for the assassination. The drunken master technique is a unique and popular style in the Kung Fu world.

  1. Project A (1983)

When the country’s navy is on the verge of honor because of the smugglers and pirates, a marine coast guard officer takes charge to root out the evils. The film features one of the most favorite pairs in the Hong Kong film industry which include Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Yuen Biao.

Some of the spectacular stunts as we all know were done by Jackie Chan himself. It was a huge box-office success. Among the best comedy Kung Fu movies, Project A was a special film for Jackie in the European market to strengthen his fame. There’s a sequel also.

  1. Armour of God (1986)

The film for which Chan almost broke his skull. If you have seen the Indiana Jones series, then Armour of God is definitely a must-watch. While Indiana Jones is rich with its adventurous style, Armour of God is richer with its stunt-oriented adventures.

When a treasure hunter learns that his friend’s girlfriend is kidnapped, he helps him by challenging the kidnapper. Some overwhelmingly amazing stunts, fights, and a good story are all leading the film to a huge box office success.

  1. Dragons Forever (1988)

While delivering hit after hit, it was no time to stop for Jackie Chan and his pair. The pair of three appeared again with Dragons Forever. The film explores the story of a lawyer in a chemical company. When he comes to know the unquestionable ethics of his employer, he decides to uncover the illegal activities with his buddies. After the early 80s, many Kung Fu films were coming in a new shape; new stories; not related to Shaolin.


This became a favorite to many viewers. Hong Kong’s film industry was broadening its approach. New areas of the lives of people were being explored through the films. During this period, Jackie Chan gave us many of his most popular films ever made. Dragons Forever is one of them. 

  1. Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow (1978)

Jackie Chan has given us such famous films that you can’t miss them at all. We have even been fed by TV channels more frequently. At the same time as Drunken Master, his other masterpiece Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow” was released which became a blockbuster hit and strengthened Jackie’s place in the film industry.

As the name suggests, it’s a completely different Kung Fu technique that is worshipped by many martial artists and Shaolin monks. This is the film where we come to see the same combination between Jackie Chan and his master on the screen, Yuen Siu-Tien. The film details the story of a janitor at a Kung Fu school who learns Kung Fu to battle those who bully him. An amazing lighthearted film with some fantastic fighting styles.

  1. The Magnificent Butcher (1979)

Trying to find out the best from the list of thousands of Kung Fu movies, it’s difficult to rank one after the other. Every movie differentiates in its style, story, and approach. Kung Fu movies gave birth to many stars. One of them is Sammo Hung, who is not only a kung fu fighter but a writer, director, and a good actor as well.

When I was watching Sammo Hung’s very early movies where he used to work in minor roles, I was literally surprised by how this gigantic body can fight like an acrobat. How can one be so agile and nimble? His acrobatic style of Kung Fu still inspires many. Among many superhit films, The Magnificent Butcher is one where a chubby butcher who is a Kung Fu disciple as well always gets into trouble due to his hot-tempered attitude. It’s one such movie where the actions are spectacular.

  1. Who am I? (1998)

Do you remember the greatest fighting sequence on the roof ever filmed? A military agent lands in South African land. He doesn’t know who he is and where he comes from. All he wants to know is his original identity. He wants to go as much as possible to reveal the truth.


Some amazing stunts became the USP of this film. With positive reviews, the film became a huge box-office success. He won the world again with his second English-language film.

  1. The Prodigal Son (1981)

In this hilarious comedy film, we see the collaboration between Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao. Under his father’s reign, a young Kung Fu fighter learns that he is the best Kung Fu fighter. No one can beat him until he comes to know that his opponents have been paid to be beaten by him. From his despise of his father’s deception, he decides to take a lesson from an expert.

Things take a turn when his mentor dies. He takes revenge for his mentor. Through this film, Sammo Hung introduces the concept of the Wing Chun fighting style. The film weaves action with comedy leading it to emotional scenes.

  1. Tai Chi Master (1993)

Though Shaolin Kung Fu was in slow growth after the 1980s as compared to the previous decade but never lost its glory. It came with some other actors like Jet Li. He proved his skills through Shaolin Kung Fu movies in his very early career with the film The Shaolin Temple. It became a huge hit. Later, he is another prominent flag bearer of old-school Kung Fu. With him, Tai Chi Master came in 1993.


Two young pupils dwell in the temple, practice Kung Fu and work for the temple. But they have doubts about what they are doing. Because of their attitude, they are rusticated from the temple. On their journey, one of them chooses to join the army of the province and the other one chooses to be a rebel. Their friendship leads to enmity.

  1. Wheels on Meals (1984)

Just imagine a combination of Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan, and Yuen Biao. How difficult is it to direct such Kung Fu masters? They had already gained fame in the film industry. When old school Kung Fu movies were going through some modifications and coping with the following generation, several films were made leaving the shadowy umbrella of Shaolin.

When old school Kung Fu movies were taking shape into a different approach, Wheels on Meals was born. It is interesting to know that the director and writer of this film were Sammo Hung himself. Being a versatile performer, Hung uses his distinctive comedy style with fabulous action to make the movie memorable. It’s a movie about two friends running a restaurant in Spain and getting involved in some serious trouble.

  1. Filthy Guy (1972)

I remember while I watched this film, it reminded me of my friends from my childhood. Sammo Hung, another master Kung Fu fighter, actor, director, and writer appears in this movie with a unique style. He is not only a good fighter but a good actor as well. It’s a very early film in Sammo Hung’s career which tells you the story of a village orphan with an unwashed head who helps rebels to fight against evils.

You enjoy the movie throughout the end. It’s surprising to believe that such a gigantic figure can be so flexible. Sammo Hung does many films but Filthy Guy is special due to its humorous appeal with action which we get from Jackie Chan through most of his movies.

  1. City Hunter (1993)

Jackie Chan in his own quirky style again with the movie City Hunter. It’s an amazing movie where a private detective on the assignment of finding a tycoon’s daughter finds himself on a cruise ship that was already hijacked by terrorists. With his own comical appearance, Jackie wins the hearts of millions of his fans.

Every scene whenever Jackie appears makes you jealous of his swift and nimble body. Amazing stunts, unique cinematography, and editing style are some of the noticeable elements in this movie that you have never seen before from Jackie Chan before City Hunter, though he had already established his quirky appearance on the screen.

  1. The Shaolin Temple (1982)

You will be surprised when you see too-young Jet Li. He has given us some remarkable things throughout his film career. His mind-boggling fighting sequences still give us goosebumps. His first film as a debutant actor still holds a place in our minds. The Swift and flexible body appearance of Jet Li in this film continue in his later films as well. The Shaolin Temple is a Kung Fu movie based around the Shaolin temple that gave rise to the star.

It tells the story of a young Shaolin monk who learns the art of Kung Fu to avenge his father’s death. The film is one of the highest-grossing Chinese films ever made. The film also boosted the country’s travel industry because of the Chinese Shaolin monasteries.

  1. The Legend of Fong Sai-yuk (1993)

Jet Li’s movies are inspirational, specifically the 90s ones. Fong Sai-yuk is such an example where the film explores a short span of a Chinese folk hero Fong Sai-yuk. Starting with some spectacular action and comedy, Fong Sai becomes an entertaining film. The mother and son’s sweet bonding played by Josephine Siao and Jet Li respectively keep the movie engaging. There is a racing scene where he uses a woman to take part in a race.


With an inspirational song that promotes happy life, the scene breaks every patriarchal concept. The film represents Jet Li’s highest humorous interpretation. It won several major awards for its action choreography. There is also a sequel to this film released the same year later.

  1. Kung Fu Panda (2008-2016)

While the addition of Enter the Dragon is inevitable in this list of Kung Fu movies, simultaneously it cannot be complete without the absence of Kung Fu Panda. There are 3 movies in the Kung Fu Panda Franchise. Every part is inspiring, and philosophical, and shows us looking into our inner side.

Be it an animated film, it needs a special mention in the Kung Fu cinematic world. Apart from this, Jack Black’s performance as the Panda impacts us severely. It’s a journey of a Panda who is a good-for-nothing stupid and lazy guy who enters a Kung Fu competition and becomes the Dragon Warrior of the valley. He is responsible for destroying the evil in the region. Movies like Kung Fu Panda become a source of our motivation.

  1. Enter the Fat Dragon (1978)

I think copying Bruce Lee’s attitude is an inevitable choice in our childhood. Who else can copy better than Sammo Hung, known as one of the pioneer figures in Kung Fu movies? Hung wears Bruce Lee’s shoes in this movie. When Bruce Lee introduced Enter the Dragon, Hung gave us the fat dragon. Every posture, way of talking, and attitude looks almost similar to Bruce Lee. And why not? The film is an embodiment of homage to him in fact.

A Bruce Lee-obsessed pig farmer comes to his uncle to live a different life. As he comes, he creates turmoil there and becomes the problem maker to the thugs. It’s an amazing film by Sammo Hung. Among his early films, Enter the Fat Dragon is a renowned one.

  1. Mr. Nice Guy (1997)

Being the 1st English language film, Jackie won the world with his unprecedented stunts. When a chef gets into trouble while involved with a reporter, he becomes responsible to help her escape. It’s one of best the American comedy Kung Fu movies starring Jackie Chan.

The film was a huge box-office success. It features Sammo Hung in a cameo role. No one had seen Chan in such an avatar before. After a successful rendition of Mr. Nice Guy, he became a phenomenon in the Hollywood industry. 


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