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5 Other Similar Movies to Watch If You Like Kung Fu Hustle


If you are a big fan of martial arts or obsessed with Kung fu movies, then it is rare that you haven’t watched Kung Fu Hustle yet. When something good we watch, there’s an automatic desire to watch similar to those. Hope you are looking for the same movies after you have watched Kung fu hustle. Here’s a list of the best similar movies like Kung Fu Hustle.

There is a dedicated audience just for Stephen Chow’s two films. One is Shaolin Soccer and the other is Kung Fu Hustle. Similar to the approach of Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle also shows the extreme side of Kung Fu. Flying kicks, powerful fists, and slow-motion actions all describe the two films’ approaches to Kung Fu. It’s still an entertaining piece of Kung Fu movie ever made.


This hilarious piece can work as a mood refresher whenever you are feeling depressed. I think Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer are the best interpretation of Kung Fu parody.  

The movie which is very familiar with all of our childhood moments inspired us to think about action differently. So, there’s an emotional connection to the Kung Fu Hustle movie for all of us. I combined a list of those movies which are Contextually similar, not just it has Kung Fu in them. As Kung Fu Hustle is primarily mentioned as a parody of Kung fu movies, I hope this list will go hand in hand appropriately.

5 other MOVIES to Watch if you Like Kung Fu Hustle

  1. Shaolin Soccer (2001)
Shaolin soccer stephen chow kung fu hustle

Who doesn’t know about this film! It would be surprising to hear that you have never heard of this movie or seen it. Because as we grow older, we are accustomed to various movies such as this. So, some of our childhood memories might be involved with Shaolin Soccer. What unexpected can you imagine in the Kung Fu world?


Whatever magical scenarios appear in your mind are in this film because it bears the culture of Kung Fu after 2000. We come to see Kung Fu’s appearance in a unique way through this movie. Shaolin films almost lost their old-school filmmaking style after the 90s. Later, Shaolin Soccer gave us old-school movies wrapped in modern-world filmmaking. It’s a story of a Shaolin follower who gathers his friends to popularize their Kung Fu skills on the soccer field. 

  1. Enter the Fat Dragon (1978)
Enter the fat dragon is an embodiment of homage to Bruce lee

I think copying Bruce Lee’s attitude is an inevitable choice in our childhood. Who else can copy better than Sammo Hung who is known as one of the pioneer figures in Kung Fu movies? Hung wears Bruce Lee’s shoes in this movie. When Bruce Lee introduced Enter the Dragon, Hung gave us the fat dragon. Every posture, way of talking, and attitude looks almost similar to Bruce Lee. And why not? The film is an embodiment of homage to him in fact. 

A Bruce Lee-obsessed pig farmer comes to his uncle for living a different life. As he comes, he creates turmoil there and becomes the problem maker to the thugs. It’s an amazing film by Sammo Hung. Among his early films, Enter the Fat Dragon is a renowned one. If you are looking for movies like Kung Fu Hustle, you should get familiar with this as well. 

  1. Kung Pow: Enter the Fist (2002)
Kung Pow breaks every parody movie record by its unique portrayal

Kung Pow crossed all levels of Kung Fu. Though it’s a parody, the film set a tone for Kung Fu funny movies. After his parent’s death, a man with great Kung Fu skills sets out on a journey to kill the evil man. Similar stories to most Kung Fu films where death, and revenge, are the ultimate demand from the movies. We are familiar with fighting between two humans but here, you will see a man fighting with an animal as well. 

But its comedy, specifically physical will remind you that you are not watching any serious Kung Fu movie. So, be chilled and enjoy the whole entertainment. It’s a fantastic combination of Kung Fu and comedy. Where Kung Fu Hustle approaches uniquely, Kung Pow has exoticness throughout the movie.    

  1. Volcano High (2001)
Volcano high centers around school students and teachers having power beyond their limit

What would you do if acquire power beyond your control? It’s about high school students with great power beyond limits. With crazy elements, the film focuses on extreme martial arts involving students, teachers, and others. It gives us an overview of a magical school, Volcano High. The film became a huge box-office success. Above all, adding marvelous CGI makes the movie more attractive.  

  1. The Paper Tigers (2020)
The paper tigers explores 3 middle-aged men avenge upon their master

The name seems to appear metaphorically but has tremendous action and entertainment in it. When their master dies, 3 middle-aged men reunite with each other to take revenge. They are out of shape and without practice for so long. The most enjoyable part of the film is when they start to polish their martial arts skills again.    

Bonding between the three is all you need to stick to the movie. The filmmaker explores the characters gradually and prominently. People who become stationary at a certain age can enjoy the movie wholeheartedly. 

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