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Best French Movies on Netflix You Can’t Miss Now


Love for films is universal. If you are a fanatic about films, then you can watch some of the best French movies available on Netflix currently. When you watch lovely films, it gives us goosebumps to watch more such films. You may not like foreign films but some films you cannot escape watching. It definitely makes you watch those movies.  

Best French Movies Currently Available on Netflix

Here are some of the best French movies on Netflix that you may be interested in watching:

  1. “Personal Shopper”(2016) – A supernatural thriller about a young woman who works as a personal shopper for a celebrity while communicating with the ghost of her recently deceased twin brother. Stewart is amazing here in this film by her appearance. Read on some of the best Kristen Stewart movies.
  2. “I Am Not an Easy Man”(2018) – A gender-swapping comedy that explores gender stereotypes and the challenges of relationships from a male perspective. A unique perspective on society. 
  3. “Paris is Us”(2019) – A romance drama about a young woman who falls in love with a Frenchman during a trip to Paris and the challenges they face as their relationship unfolds.
  4. “The African Doctor”(2016) – A heartwarming comedy-drama about a Congolese doctor who moves to a small French village in the 1970s. As it is set in French so comes under our list. 
  5. “Divines”(2016) – A drama film about a young girl from a poor suburb of Paris who dreams of escaping her difficult life by becoming a dancer. You don’t want to miss this film. 

Please note that the availability of these movies can vary by region and change over time. So, it’s best to check Netflix’s current selection of French movies in your region. Depending on your region, you may find some of these films on your account. These are some fantastic films. When you get time, give it a watch or you may have to wait if Netflix changes the content. 


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