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A List of the 10 Best Heath Ledger Movies


He became the worldwide face after working as Joker. Heath Ledger as Joker won everyone’s heart with his unforgettable performance and made his character a wallpaper on millions of smartphones. The film which made him one of the most prominent stars in Hollywood star is The Dark Knight. Before The Dark Knight, he was a less-known figure in Hollywood. If you are still fascinated by his performance, then you should watch the other best movies with Heath Ledger which finally strengthened his place to work as Joker. So, here’s a list of the 10 best Heath Ledger movies.

Before being famous as Joker, he gave some noteworthy performances in other films. Here is a list of those 10 best Heath Ledger movies which you can’t miss. Not just Joker but his other underrated roles show us how powerful an actor he was. Despite his tragic death, he still influences the newbie actors in the industry.  


With those films, he left a mark in the Hollywood industry. Nolan felt his potential and cast him as Joker. It’s hard to believe that such a talented actor could pass away at the early age of 28. He started his career through TV series. Then he developed his place in the Hollywood industry. 

Though his previous movies didn’t get much box office success, he was appraised by critics and made his foothold stronger in the industry. Here is a list of those 10 best Heath Ledger movies with his unforgettable performance. 


  1. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009)
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Image Source: IMDB

Heath Ledger’s last movie was The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus which was released after his death. This is a fantasy tale where you get to see a lot of prominent actors such as Johnny Depp, Christopher Plummer, Colin Farell, Jude Law, and others. 


It tells the story of Dr. Parnassus and his traveling show company, Imaginarium. Audiences get an opportunity to choose between light and darkness. In this Terry Gilliam-directed film, Heath Ledger died in the middle of the production. 

Despite being the main cast, the director had to change the storyline with new actors Johnny Depp, Colin Farell, and Jude Law. The film won an Academy Award for Best Production Design. 

  1. The Dark Knight (2008)
The Dark Knight Heath Ledger

The movie that made Heath Ledger an overnight success. Who can forget this movie that is still shivering especially because of the performance from Heath Ledger? It’s like The Dark Knight means Joker or Heath Ledger. Among all Heath Ledger movies, this is one of the best movies which earned him an Oscar in a supporting role. His iconic performance takes over other actors’ performances in the film. There is only one Batman movie with Heath Ledger that put him on the A-list actors.


This was a game-changer film for Christopher Nolan also. His film became the epitome of the film industry. The Dark Knight received various awards that changed the concept of superhero films. When Batman is fighting to root out organized crime in Gotham, Joker appears to destroy the city and Batman. It’s a rewatchable film which you can’t stop appreciating. This is certainly the best movie starring Heath Ledger. Still, the main focus attracts us to the joker.

  1. I’m Not There (2007)
Candy Heath Ledger Movies

This movie is an unconventional biography of Bob Dylan. With six separate stories, every actor plays a different character inspired by Bob Dylan. This is a high ensemble cast such as Cate Blanchett, and Christian Bale proving the film’s worthiness in the industry. Heath Ledger plays an important character diligently that proves his worth in Hollywood. 

It’s a typical biographical film that may be boring for some audiences. This structurally uncanny movie became a deed of Heath Ledger’s career. Yet, it claims its uniqueness. The performance from Heath Ledger is memorable. Giving a competitive performance with other heavy-weight actors, he proved his worth in the industry. 

  1. Candy (2006)
Image Source: IMDB

With an emotional storyline, Candy sets us an example of how obsessive a lover can be in a relationship. When a young woman begins dating an artist, she gets involved in drug-taking. The film portrays blind love which ultimately leads to destruction. With a simple storyline, the film reaches a high level because of the performance of Heath Ledger and Abbie Cornish. 

This self-destruction romantic drama gives us an intensive performance from both actors. Among many other films, this is one of the lesser-known pieces by Heath Ledger. His performance is so alive that it makes you terribly feel sorry for both of them. If you are looking for movies just for performance, then Candy is a masterpiece. 

  1. Brokeback Mountain (2005)
Brokeback Mountain Heath Ledger Movies
Image Source: IMDB

Another unforgettable performance which makes us upset that we won’t be able to see him again. This was a much-talked-about film at the time. Along with box office success, Heath Ledger saw critical success also for his performance. It shows two young men falling in love with each other. Hiding their affair for nearly two decades from their family leads to a tragedy. 


Heath Ledger’s performance pushes the film to a new level. Brokeback Mountain received 3 Academy Awards including Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Original Score. This film gave rise to two prominent actors in the industry, Jack Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger. This marvelous piece of film from the list of Heath Ledger movies suits your cinematic ecstasy.  

  1. Lords of Dogtown (2005)
Lords of Dogtown 2005

Ledger once again proved that he was as remarkable in a sports film as in any other film. The film is based on the true story of 3 young skateboarders who rose to stardom. Ledger performs here as a mentor to young surfers. Though it is an entertaining film, you will be confronted with a unique fascinating style of the surfer community. 

Some shots make the movie more captivating. With some awesome places to shoot and fast editing, Lords of Dogtown is an inspirational movie for the young skateboarders right now. Even if you are not obsessed with skateboards, Ledger’s performance reminds us he is one of the most versatile and finest actors in the industry. 

  1. Ned Kelly (2003)

It tells the story of an innocent suspect, Ned who hides because of being wrongly charged. When the news breaks out, he becomes one of the most wanted criminals. Ned Kelly gave the stardom to many actors such as Naomi Watts, Orlando Bloom, Emily Browning, and of course, Heath Ledger also. This action-adventure film maintains a classic western look.

Ever wondered what an honest man does when he is wrongly accused? This is the portrayal of such a story in our real lives. Heath Ledger as Ned gives a satisfactory performance throughout the film. It should be on your list if you are not familiar with Heath Ledger’s other performances.  

  1. The Order (2003)
The Order featuring Heath Ledger
Image Source: Mubi

When Ledger was struggling in the industry, some of the films stayed in a coffin. One of them is The Order. Released in 2003, the film tells the story of a member of a religious organization involving himself in a mystery. Even if you find his film unworthy to watch, his performance drives us to stick to it.


This is a horror-thriller film. It can be suitable for many viewers today. The film didn’t get a good response at the box office but Ledger’s performance makes the movie an attractive piece. It received an average response from the critics. The Order could be a good film for those horror fans. 

  1. A Knight’s Tale (2001)

In this action-adventure piece, Heath Ledger proves his other side as a performer. He perfectly maintains an action avatar. We get him in this film as an action hero. He looks like a dashing hero where he plays a squire whose master has died. He takes his position as a knight participating in jousts illegally.  

The film is based on Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Knight’s Tale. Heath Ledger’s graceful performance has attracted many audiences. Mixed with modern music and a medieval setting, A knight’s Tale is another deed of Ledger’s marvelous performance. If you want to relive Ledger’s movies, this should be on your list.  

  1. Monster’s Ball (2001)

Some films give rise to a performer. Be it a small role or lead, if there is a scope to express one’s talent, one film can push a performer to another level. Heath Ledger may be known as Joker popularly but his other films are notably worth watching. Monster Ball is one of such movies with Heath Ledger in his early years as an actor that made his career stronger. It’s a story of a black woman and a white man finding solace in each other’s space. 

It’s not a racist film but a story of two desperate persons finding intimacy when they are together. The whole show focuses on Billy Bob Thornton and Halley Berry. Yet, Heath Ledger stands out with his performance. He plays Sony, Hank Grotowski’s troubled son. The film received a huge box office success with positive critical reviews. Halle Berry won an Academy Award for her incredible performance.  

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