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List of 10 Unforgettable Leonardo DiCaprio Movies


If it comes to Hollywood, one name always stays on the priority list is Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor has worked with the most prestigious directors in the industry. Whether Don’t Look Up will receive an Academy Award or not, let’s turn over the pages and see the 10 best Leonardo Dicaprio movies in this article. 

His appearance on the screen is always an attractive topic for movie buffs. When he comes on the screen, we have a huge expectation from him. In every movie, DiCaprio sets up a unique presence. He is no doubt one of the biggest movie stars in the Hollywood industry. Starting his career from TV to big-budget films, he has achieved such a great height that is influential to millions of his fans. 


Giving hit after hit, we can’t stop watching his films. There is also a collection of Leonardo DiCaprio’s new movies and TV series including The Devil in the White City, The Black Hand, and Killers of the Flower Moon. Working almost 3 decades, he has given some fantastic movies that make us obsessed to rewatch. 

Such a rare talent is not seen everywhere. His uniquely intense acting style makes every movie worthwhile. Which character best fits him? There is no particular choice because he is flexible in every type of character. From being a mentally-disabled teenager to a romantic role, he has spread his space everywhere. If you are a die-hard fan of him, then you should have already watched this list of the 10 best Leonardo DiCaprio movies. Let’s rewatch those movies. 

list of the 10 best Leonardo DiCaprio Movies  

  1. Titanic (1997)

I hope there is any viewer who hasn’t watched Titanic. If you look for some best films of all time, Titanic certainly is one of them. This is the movie that changed Leonardo DiCaprio’s career. Titanic catapulted Leonardo DiCaprio’s career to another level. This is such a movie one cannot skip. It makes us so emotional every time we see it. Its music, VFX, performance, and design, all attract us and put us in the era when the incident happened. 


All you think about Titanic is iconic. Being the highest-grossing film in film history and getting the most Academy Awards, it’s certainly why people still love the film so much. This was also a turning point in James Cameron’s career. The movie wouldn’t be better if there were no Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as a couple. Their sizzling chemistry makes the movie more enchanting. 

Also, the movie gave rise to other characters. There is still something special about the movie because of its engraving historical moments. Some movies come with an authentic soul that can’t ever die. Titanic is one of them being Leonardo DiCaprio’s one of the best movies. Filmmakers love the way of making this high-budget romantic drama.    

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  1. Gangs of New York (2002)
Gangs of New York (2002) dicaprio with daniel day lewis
Image Source: IMDB

The early 2000s were very important and special for DiCaprio. He was already working with some remarkable directors like Scorsese, Spielberg, and others. Gangs of New York is the result of such fruit that he got in his career. This was his first collaboration with Martin Scorsese which is still working to date. Their collaboration has given such films that are noteworthy and come under this list. 

The movie also stars Daniel Day-Lewis, a three-time Oscar winner. Working with such a prominent actor was a huge challenge for him but he seems to be competing concretely. He plays the part of Amsterdam Vallon. Some brutal scenes with the recreation of the mid-19th-century create a naturalistic approach to the film’s authenticity. 

If you are looking for the top Leonardo DiCaprio movies, then you can’t miss this one. Though viewers were a little perplexed about DiCaprio’s part in the movie, it was the start of his adult film career. 

  1. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)
what's eating gilbert grape dicaprio and depp
Image Source: Amazon Prime

One of such young-age films in Leonardo Dicaprio’s life. He already won hearts through his performances before Titanic. He started to work in the film industry at a very early age. We see young Leonardo DiCaprio in this sentimental movie. It explores a small-town boy’s familial responsibilities and love for a woman. This is one of the best Leonardo DiCaprio films that made his foothold stronger.

With his exceptional performance, DiCaprio received an Academy Award nomination and won everyone’s hearts. In this movie, he plays the role of Arnie, a mentally handicapped young boy dependable on his big brother. The wealth of the movie was the 19-year-old DiCaprio. He appears with expertise in his character throughout the film. 

It’s not so popular film as much as Titanic, The Wolf of Wall Street, or The Revenant but this was the movie that turned his career as a celebrity actor. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is the only movie between Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp. You can’t skip out on this movie, especially for the performance from him. Also, Johnny Depp sticks to his perfectly.

  1. The Basketball Diaries (1995)
The Basketball Diaries (1995) ft leo dicaprio
Image Source: Amazon Prime

DiCaprio was making his place from a very young age in the Hollywood industry. His exceptional abilities to perform in any character with much flexibility leave us with no stone unturned that his appearance on the screen is magical as well as enchanting. He plays a teenage school basketball and becomes involved with drug addiction.  

Not so popular in the industry but it was certain that DiCaprio had more important roles in his life. Based on the autobiographical book of Jim Carroll, the film is an example of a teenager’s involvement in drug addiction and destruction. DiCaprio’s performance is worthwhile to watch. 

When you are looking for the best movies by Leonardo DiCaprio, you can’t miss this one at all. Leo establishes those moments marvelously when a drug addict becomes so intense that you can’t stop appreciating him enough till the end of the film. Though he didn’t get any notable awards for the film, it is worthy enough to mention this film in our list.  

  1. Catch Me If You Can (2002)
DiCaprio in a still from Catch Me If You Can (2002)
Image Source: Amazon Prime

As I said, he was already working with some worldwide-famed directors in early 2000, Catch Me If You Can give us a reflection of it. He got a scope to work with Steven Spielberg on this film. Based on Frank Abagnale Jr.’s memoirs, the film accounts for the real life of a con artist. DiCaprio plays the main role in cashing millions of dollars by faking his identity.  

With this film, he reinvented himself as an adult star playing various characters in his later films. The film explores the journey of a kid from an adolescent to a mature person through the performance of DiCaprio. It was a huge box office hit and received positive reviews from critics. 

It also stars Tom Hanks as a cat or an FBI agent chasing a mouse. Though both of them didn’t receive any notable awards, DiCaprio gave a fascinating performance in this film. It is an adventure drama which will surely make you obsessed. 


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  1. The Great Gatsby (2013)
Leonardo dicaprio movies - The great gatsby

DiCaprio collaborated again with the Romeo+Juliet director Baz Luhrmann. Collaboration with these two personas hasn’t given any exciting movies but Luhrmann has his distinction from other directors. Based on the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby accounts the mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby played by Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s a depiction of an American’s materialistic and love life. 

DiCaprio plays the role of Gatsby who wants to reunite with his former lover. It also stars Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, and more. As usual, Leo stands out in his own appearance. While reading the book could be very interesting, the film may not excite you as much. The character is no doubt a historical and memorable one. 


What’s more interesting is Leo’s appearance in this film, though it’s not a more than one-time watch. You will feel dull sometimes because the director fails to hold his viewers’ attention throughout the movie. 

  1. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
Leonardo DiCaprio is Jordan Belfort in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET
Image Source: IMDB

Fans were expecting aggressively from him to get an Oscar. It was a good time to work on such a film as The Wolf of Wall Street. Leo collaborated with Scorsese again and relived their relationship through this movie. It was nominated for several Academy Awards including best actor. But he won the Golden Globe. 

It was a huge success at the box office also. The film portrays the real life of Jordan Belfort, a drug & sex addict stock market trader who defrauded millions of his investors. With some fast cuts and deadly dialogue, the movie is an exciting take on Scorsese’s life also. Not a single minute, you will feel bored. 

Every time you will get to see a fraudulent person’s ambition of being rich living with drugs and sex. Leo’s energetic performance throughout the film gives you continuous excitement until the end of the film. His speeches on the stage to his employees will surely make you alive. It is seriously DiCaprio’s take on the movie that is more exciting. Another unforgettable Leonardo DiCaprio movie is one of the best in his career.  

  1. Inception (2010)

Among all DiCaprio’s best movies list, some are definite watch. Be it for entertainment purposes or learning, he comes with 1 or 2 movies and wins his fans’ hearts. With a worldwide fan size, he has made his own steps with his unique, especially intense acting style. Nolan realized his potential and took him on board in his film, Inception. And the result was a blockbuster hit. 

This duo made such a mind-boggling film that you need to rewatch it to understand what’s going on. This was also one of the highest-grossing films in 2010. Inception was a new experiment in the film industry that explored stealing dreams. With a combination of complex non-linear narratives and spectacular visuals, the movie holds your attention till the end. 

Inception was an important film in Leo Dicaprio’s life. He plays Cobb, a dream stealer. Though his performance didn’t receive any notable awards, DiCaprio’s presence made the film more special. The film received a huge box office response. The pinwheel became a symbol around the world. For your information, Inception is now available on Amazon Prime Video.   

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  1. The Revenant (2015)
Leonardo Dicaprio in The Revenant

The most special time came with The Revenant. He poured all his heart into this movie. After so many years of struggling in achieving the Oscar, finally, he received it. With some gorgeously shot visuals, The Revenant received 8 nominations. And for which Emmanuel Lubezki received the Oscar.


Leo put himself in an intense character here who finally has to do some unbelievable stuff. The Revenant is one of the best movies by Leonardo DiCaprio. He plays the character of Hugh Glass fighting for survival. With his incredible performance, The Revenant became one of the most obvious choices in Leo DiCaprio movies.

It’s an epic tale of survival directed by Alejandro G. Inarritu. We get Tom Hardy in his villainous avatar. He was nominated for an Oscar. DiCaprio’s physical performance is so nerve-wracking that you can’t skip any part of this movie. 

  1. The Aviator (2004)
The Aviator 2004

We have already got to see his versatility since his Oscar nomination as a 19-year-old boy. Second-time collaboration with Martin Scorsese earned him another Oscar nomination through The Aviator. DiCaprio’s real-life youthful character changed through this film. 

This Howard Hughes biopic gave him a chance to prove his worth in the industry along with some other notable casts such as Cate Blanchett, Jude Law, John C. Reily, Kate Beckinsale, and more. His performance as Howard Hughes, a legendary businessman who scaled the aviation and media industry to a different level. 

Scorsese established the madness in DiCaprio perfectly. It was such a film that proved a turning point in DiCaprio’s career. You can watch the film on Amazon Prime Video. It’s an undeniably better choice to watch such a movie that is not just time passing. 


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