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The 10 Best Nicolas Cage Movies Worth Watching


The actor who got attention in 2021-2022 was none other than the prominent Ghost Rider. You know who I’m talking about if you have seen any of his movies. He was one of the only die-hard demands for the entertainment industry in the 1990s. Also, we see various movies from him coming from the 90s though later also he was appearing in a few less popular movies. I’ll present a list of the 10 best Nicolas Cage movies in this article.

The recent releases made him alive in the entertainment industry again with a few highly anticipated movies like Pig and The Unbearable Weight of a Massive Talent. Though the former one didn’t have Oscar in its bag, Cage caught the eyes of millions of visitors. Before appearing in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, he was doing a few TV roles. Since then he has done so many films that other prominent actors cannot compete with ever. His genre is not specific to something. He could traverse through action, comedy, crime, thriller, drama, mystery anything.


In his journey, he has worked with several prominent filmmakers like Francis Ford Coppola, Mike Figgis,  and others. As he comes from a family of filmmakers, he was attached to acting from his childhood. His movies reflect his unique style of portrayal. In this article, I’ll give you a list of the best Nicolas Cage movies of all time.

  • The Cotton Club (1984)

Being an actor coming from the film industry veterans, Nicolas Cage first got his big break in this Francis Ford Coppola movie. Also, the movie features a long list of new actors who got into prominence later. It took 5 years to make. Though the film was a box office failure, it attracted critics’ eyes.

The story is about James Haskins’ book of the same name. Centered around the cotton club, the film reflects on the lives of various characters in the club.

  • Raising Arizona (1987)

Nicolas Cage has worked in more than 100 movies throughout his career and is still working. If I have to choose something unique then Raising Arizona is one. Being one of his early films, he proved his worth in the industry. Coming from the Coen brothers, it is certain the film has strong material. The plot explores the two people’s longing for a child which leads to the kidnapping of a businessman’s child. 

As you get from other Coen movies, you get a glimpse of their past works that paved the way for their later movies. It’s an amazing movie with Nicolas Cage worthy of watching. This Nicolas Cage movie is available on Amazon Prime but you have to go through a trial with a third-party platform. 

  • Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

For which Cage is best known in the critics’ world is the movie named Leaving Las Vegas. With such an amazing performance, he won the ultimate prize, Oscar. Also, the film got various other prominent awards. It’s a story of a suicidal alcoholic who lost his family and job. After moving to Las Vegas, he meets with a sex worker which leads to their romantic relationship. 


Based on the semi-autobiographical novel by John O’Brien, the film shows us the destructive side of an alcoholic. The naturalistic performance from Cage makes us emotional in the end. 

  • Con Air (1997)

The look that inspired many celebrities later is from the movie Con Air. with a unique appearance, Cage gave back-to-back hits in the 90s. It was the best time for him to experiment as much as he could. This is why we see several movies released in the 90s. He worked with several major actors in the ordinary like Sean Connory, John Travolta, John Malkovich, and others. 

Con Air is a notable film in his career that shaped his career as a versatile actor in Hollywood. It’s a film about a wrong prisoner who was on parole to meet his wife. But the sudden hijack changed his life forever. This film became an inspiration with a huge box office success. Cage’s long hair became a phenomenon later. 

  • Snake Eyes (1998)

Maybe his collaboration with several world-class filmmakers shaped his life as an ultimate choice for Hollywood. Coming from Brian De Palma, you always find something mysterious in his films. It’s not an exception. His unique style of filmmaking is very known to us. But the appearance of Cage was surprising when he was at the apex of the success ladder. 

The story explores the life of a corrupt officer who goes to uncover the conspiracy of killing the Secretary of Defense. Mystery film lovers will like it very much. 

  • 8mm (1999)

Told you that the 90s was a fantastic year for Nicolas Cage. Back-to-back films, be it a hit or flop, he was on the media everywhere. This movie involves various new actors who later became popular through other films. It’s a film about a private investigator who goes on to uncover the truth about a homicide. 


Though it was not much critically successful film, in box-office evaluation, the film received appreciation.  

  • Lord of War (2005)

You won’t get any worthy or valuable free movies by Nicolas Cage online. What you get is some of his unattentive works. Instead, watch some of his spectacular movies. Lord of War is among them. Based on some true events from real arms dealers’ lives, the movie portrays the fictional illegal arms dealer. 

It was well received at the box office and by the critics. The events of illicit arms trafficking issues are portrayed through this film.  

  • National Treasure (2004)

The name seems like an adventure. Yes, true. It’s all about finding treasure by solving puzzles. There is one more sequel. Currently, a TV series of the same name is underway. This is because, in a Disney movie where Nicolas Cage is one of the lead actors, there are some moments you cannot stop appreciating. 

It’s a movie of adventure where a historian searches for a treasure through a map. It was well received at the box office but the critics didn’t show much enthusiasm. 

  • Ghost Rider (2007)

I think I was first exposed to Nicolas Cage through this movie. After watching, it made a huge impact on me instantly. I was literally copying all his characteristics. Then it was an expanded world of Cage. It’s a movie that got him into the mainstream limelight again.


Though the film received huge box office success, it didn’t meet critics’ criteria. The film tells the story of Johnny Blaze, a stunt motorcyclist who fights against the devil. The first time we see Eva Mendes and Nicolas Cage sharing the screen in this highly popular one of the best movies. They later collaborated in Bad Lieutenant as well in 2009.

  • Pig (2021)

Recently there was a buzz about many films going to the Oscars in 2022. Among those, Pig was one of them, though it didn’t get selection in any category. Cage’s performance caught the attention of the audience and he was appraised.

In this new film by Nicolas Cage, a hunter returns to his past in Portland to search for his beloved pig. His total change as an actor proves to be an admirable piece of work. Cage also described his performance in Pig as the best in his lifetime.  



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