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12 Best Robin Williams Movies For an Ecstatic Experience


Watching Robin Williams movies has a great advantage for us. Besides being entertained, it gives us messages also.

I think each one of us can recall the childhood experience of watching Robin Williams movies. Not only childhood, but even adults also addictively watch his films to date.


You see when we watch his movies, there’s is a different sensation we feel. Every one of his movies is unique and with his performance, those movies touch a new level.

If you are looking for something worth your time, then watching Robin Williams movies one after the other can be an exciting day spent.

Because it can relive our childhood memories with emotional memories. Even with moralities in many films, Robin Williams wins our hearts with his every performance. So, here’s our list of the 12 amazing Robin Williams movies.


12 Best Robin Williams Movies

  1. Popeye (1980)
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Popeye is Robin Williams’s debut feature film. The film cemented the actor’s ground stronger in the entertainment industry. Robert Altman’s take on the cartoon character, Popeye shows us Williams’s uncanny performance throughout the film. Not only his physical performance but his musical sense proves to catch your attention as he appears. 

The film is an adaptation of E.C. Segar’s popular character, Popeye the Sailor. It tells the story of Popeye played by Robin Williams, a sailor who comes to a coastal town. There he falls for Olive Oyl who is going to marry Captain Bluto. Popeye has to save the reign of terror and his love from Bluto. Though the film couldn’t do much at the box office, Robin Williams got worldwide appreciation. 

  1. Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)
Good Morning Vietnam
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Many movie buffs who are not aware of such popular Robin Williams films can watch Good Morning, Vietnam. He received his first Oscar nomination for best actor. It is indeed an underrated but fabulous movie from Williams. This Barry Levinson-directed movie proves his mastery of comedy. His mimicry stands out in the film. We become familiar with his improvisational comedy skill. 


Good Morning, Vietnam tells the story of a disc jockey who comes to Vietnam to work in the Armed Forces Radio Service. He then becomes popular by using his unique humor while his superiors disapprove of his amusing style. For his terrific performance, he received an Oscar nomination while winning the Golden Globe. The film is available on Amazon Prime.

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  1. Dead Poets Society (1989)
Dead Poets Society
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Creators face a lot of struggles to establish themselves in this popularly commercialized industry. Dead Poets Society shows us the importance of poetry and literature. There is a place for this in our materialistic life but we overlook it. Here comes John Keating, an English teacher who teaches how to live freely in this shackled world. 


Without any doubt, you can’t kiss this movie. Dead Poet Society is a significant film in Robin Williams’s life. This is one of the best Robin Williams movies you can watch frequently. One of the scenes which make the movie so enchanting is when students stand up at the desk and say, Oh, Captain! My Captain. He got another Oscar nomination for the role. But finally, the screenplay won the prize. Available on Amazon Prime.

  1. Awakenings (1990) 
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Awakenings is an underrated film in Robin Williams’s life or in the film industry. Released in 1990, the film also casts Robert De Niro. in this film, we don’t see his uncanny comedy style rather there is conservation in his character. With De Niro, Williams gave a competitive performance in the Awakenings. If you are looking for underrated movies by Robin Williams, then Awakenings is one of them.

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Robin Williams plays Dr. Malcolm Sayer who discovers a remedy for an epidemic. This could save many catatonic patients. But it takes a turn when it becomes more complicated. Where De Niro received an Oscar nomination, Williams got the Golden Globe nomination for his amazing performance. Some emotional moments make the movie more interesting.   

  1. Hook (1991)
Image Source: Netflix

If you count one of such best films by Robin Williams, then Hook should be on your list. Directed by Steven Spielberg, this movie was a buzz when it was released. Though it didn’t get positive critical acclaim, Hook still makes us nostalgic about our childhood. It still incites our childhood memories which are filled with fascination and magic. Robin Williams is a darling to children and still, millions of kids watch his cartoon movies as well as other must-see ones.

To save his kids from one of his old foes, Peter Pan must learn to battle against him. On the way, he gets help from Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys. Williams’s remarkable performance doesn’t ever leave us bored. When he expresses his impeccable ability to mimicry, it leaves us with nothing but watching the movie just for his performance.     


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  1. The Fisher King (1991)
The Fisher King
Image Source: Amazon Prime

Another underrated Robin Williams movie is The Fisher King where he plays a mentally ill homeless man who is the victim of a shooting. Along with Jeff Bridges, Williams gave a stunning performance throughout the film. If you are looking to quench your cinematic-watching experience, The Fisher King for which Robin received an Oscar nomination is the one you should stick to. 

Fantasy, tragedy, or romance, everything is there in this film. Williams’s energetic performance throughout the film holds our attention to the end. As he says emotional dialogues, it seems he is trying to pour all his emotion inside us. With his memorable performance, he received another Oscar nomination and won a Golden Globe award. Like many of his other films, The Fisher King is also available on Amazon Prime.     

  1. Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)
Mrs. Doubtfire Robin Williams Movies
Image Source: Amazon Prime

Robin Williams has given us many movies for kids throughout his career. I still remember I had to watch the film at any cost but wasn’t getting this film anywhere. But when I finally watched I literally was spellbound by Robin Williams’s performance. What else can’t he do? Acting as Popeye to playing an old lady character with perfection, everything is possible for him. 

This film is still remembered by any actor or filmmaker around the world. Robin Williams starred in Mrs. Doubtfire and is still celebrated across the world entertainment industry. Even when he died, fans paid tribute to this film. This film has an interesting plot where a divorced actor disguises himself as Mrs. Doubtfire to spend more time with his children in his ex-wife’s house. You can watch the film on Amazon Prime.    

  1. Jumanji (1995)
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Who can forget Jumanji? Children still prefer watching Jumanji on the screen. With a unique storyline, Jumanji explores a magical board game that shows us various strange and dangerous situations. When two children play the game, they meet Alan, another player who has already been trapped in the game. Together, they want themselves to be free and come to real life. One of the best kids’ movies Robin Williams gifted us.  


What’s more interesting is Jumanji is available on Netflix right now. So, if you are looking for any Robin Williams movies on Netflix, you can give it a try. In fact, you can watch it on Amazon Prime also. It gives us a strange experience with games. All of us are familiar with Robin Williams’s act in this film. His energetic performance with some thrilling scenes makes the movie a definite watch. 

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  1. The Birdcage (1996)
The Birdcage
Image Source: IMDB

Adapted from a French film, La Cafe aux Folles, The Birdcage is a perfect example of an existential film. When Armand’s son is planning to get married, he says his father to hide his flamboyant identity. This is a unique piece where we get to see Williams playing in a gay club. This is a good example of the LGBTQ+ community’s rights.     

Williams plays Armand Goldman with expertise. This Mike Nichols film breaks the boundary that a gay couple faces in reality. Williams got his first Screen Actors Guild Award for this film. With a marvelous presentation, The Birdcage became a memorable deed in Robin Williams’s life. 

  1. Good Will Hunting (1997)
Good Will Hunting Robin Williams movies
Image Source: Amazon Prime

This is one of the best Robin Williams movies I have ever watched and for which he won an Oscar. Good movies teach us lessons and give us good experiences about life. Gus Van Sant-directed Good Will Hunting is the portrayal of our genuine potential which we overlook. Robin Williams plays Dr. Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting. He helps an MIT janitor who is a math genius to express his full potential. 

Williams won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. The film also catapulted Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s careers to a new level. Both of them won an Academy Award for their original screenplay. Good Will Hunting is a piece of inspirational drama that is a universal and all-time demanding genre. And this movie appeases your quench for hunting for a good movie. Interesting to know that the movie is running on Amazon Prime.

  1. Insomnia (2002)
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If you are up to psychological thrillers, then Christopher Nolan-directed Insomnia could give you a surprise. Apart from Pacino’s performance, Williams gives a chilling performance as a psycho. It was unexpected that he could act like a psycho killer before Insomnia. When a detective invests a murder in an Alaskan town, the killer exploits the detective’s crime to cover up his own. 

In this tense thriller, Al Pacino and Robin Williams gave a mesmerizing performance. With great cinematography, Insomnia puts us in a cat-and-mouse game. This makes the film more interesting. The film received an Edgar Award nomination for Best Motion Picture Screenplay. It can be a binge-watch if you are looking for some thrill in your life. 

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  1. One Hour Photo (2002)
One Hour Photo Robin Williams
Image Source: Amazon Prime

Robin Williams’s One Hour Photo is another underrated film that was released in the same year Insomnia was released. It tells the story of Seymour who makes a living working as a photo technician. As soon as he develops an obsession with a family, his demon side comes to appear. Mark Romanek-directed, this unsettling thriller once again proves Williams’s mastery in acting.   

The film received a huge critical and box office success as well as Saturn Award for Best Actor Robin Williams this unsettling performance blows our minds from the beginning. This 1 hour 36 minutes thriller holds your attention till the end until you are exposed to what else Williams can do for his obsession. This is obviously an excellent watch for psychological thriller lovers.  

It is difficult to rank the best Robin Williams movies because you can’t miss any of his films. Each one of his films is a witness to his prominent presence. Yet, we gave some of the most noteworthy films in his life. He died by committing suicide. The last movie by Robin Williams was Absolutely Anything released in 2015. 

There is one Robin Williams quote that exactly justifies his on-screen character. He says, “You are only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” This quote explains his craze on-screen. He is actually mad when he performs. 

Though he is not with us, his works are still appraised and worshipped by actors, filmmakers, and above all viewers all over the world. His films are worth our time. His contribution cannot be erased from the entertainment industry. He will always be remembered in us. If you think this is helpful, you can go through our other articles.


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