Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Screenplay boy from Heaven

Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Screenplay Goes to Boy from Heaven


First awarded in 1949, the best screenplay award at Cannes has come a long way. It recognizes the best screenwriter around the world. Like every year, the Cannes film festival 2022 has already declared the best screenplay award, Palme d’Or, and other prominent mentions. This year the award has gone to Boy from Heaven whose director is Tarik Saleh. 

The Swedish-Egyptian filmmaker puts us into the corruption, hypocrisy, and power in and around the Egyptian religious establishments. He takes us with Adam, a young boy living in northern Egypt. He receives a grant to study Islamic thought at Al-Azhar University. Once taking admission there, he gets involved with a conspiracy thriller that uncovers the truth about selecting the next grand imam. 


Saleh’s bold initiative has been admired by many critics. Once banned from displaying in the country, The Nine Hilton Incident, his last feature won the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. With this award, it is such a proud moment for him. The film is a depiction of the long-running conflict within the religious surroundings that involve politics as well. 

The filmmaker has collaborated with many creative artists across the world. That makes this film very special to him. The actor comes from Sweden, and the cinematographer is from France. It’s a collaborative project by Kristina Aberg at Atmo Sweden with Monica Hellstrom and Signe Byrge Sorensen from Final Cut for Real, Bufo, Arte France, Memento Film, and Film i Vast.  

According to the filmmaker, it is his responsibility to make movies on such controversial issues. Winning the Cannes film festival award for best screenplay gave such a solid recognition for such controversial films. Appreciation from the Cannes world film festival definitely ignites the filmmaker’s enthusiasm to do more such films in the future. There’s no news about his next film yet.  


Other Awards at the Cannes Film Festival 

Zar Amir Ebrahimi won the best actress award for her film, “Holy Spider” at the Cannes festival 2022 whereas the Palme d’Or went to “Triangle of Sadness”. On the other hand, Park Chan-Wook won the best director for his film, “Decision to Leave”.  And the best actor goes to Song Kang-ho for “Broker”. 


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