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Cannes Film Festival Where, When, Tickets, Submission, Palme d’Or, and More


As the Cannes film festival 2022 approaches near, there’s an ongoing excitement among audiences around the world. Compared to the Oscar for specifically the international films, movie lovers, filmmakers, and even tourists are fascinated by the Cannes film festival. So naturally, various questions like where the Cannes film festival is held, Palme d’Or, best actor, actress, directors, tickets, come into our mind.

To give you the answer to all those questions, here’s our important article just for you. Amidst the excitement of the Cannes film festival 2022, filmmakers are ready to board as the festival offers a great opportunity for networking with other prominent and already-established filmmakers, producers, writers, and others.   


Where Tom Cruise is the main attraction of the festival this year, it’s obvious the excitement would be higher. About the festival, there are various queries circulating on the internet. As a new filmmaker, it is difficult to find out the solution to their questions. So, we have made a list of your queries that can be helpful for you and push your dream further. 

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The Inception of the Festival

The idea of setting up the festival came after a brawling event in Venice Mostra as we know Venice International film festival today. The political partiality in this popular festival between the authoritarian and other countries gave rise to another festival which is now called the Cannes Film Festival, the most prestigious festival around the world. 


Though the plan was brewing since 1939, WWII became an obstacle to marking the establishment of the festival. Finally, after the war, the festival set out on its journey in 1946. Then, it was canceled for some particular years due to a lack of funds. From 1952 onwards, the event took a leap. 

The festival was kind of a society-related event but it changed after 1959 when film industry professionals all around the world came to network with others. Cannes Film Festival got a new identity after the diversity of film selection in 1970. The modern era started after the 80s with a bunch of new countries’ additions. Then, we know its obsession among filmmakers. It was known as the International Film Festival until 2003. 

Cannes Film Festival Where, When, Tickets, Submission, Palme d’Or, and More

So, where is the Cannes film festival held? The question circulates in millions of people as it’s a great place for tourists also. Cannes is located on the French Riviera in France. The festival is held at the Palais des Festivals et des Congres which is a convention center, the venue for the Cannes Film festival. 


Cannes Film Festival dates

Every year the festival starts in May, though the pandemic changed the date for 2021 to July. This year, Cannes 2022 starts from 17th May to 28th May. 



Finding a ticket to Cannes Film Festival is very difficult because the festival is reserved for only filmmakers or any celebrity. The authority of the festival takes charge to show some screenings in various places at Cannes free of cost also. Any common people can take part at the open-air Cinema de la Plage on the Cannes beach to witness the world-class films. Or, you can watch the screening outside the center on a giant TV screen. But without a badge, you can’t get into the festival. The festival is not open to the public.


As for the submission of the Cannes film festival 2022, it is already closed. Look for their official website for the submission in 2023. This year’s submission was closed on 18th March. So, keep looking at the website around Feb-March. As the festival is very important for its quality and aesthetic sense, there are some entry requirements which you will find on the official website. Because the festival gives filmmakers the opportunity to network with worldwide celebrities, producers, and organizers. And also, it is one of the prestigious places where films from around the world are screened.   


Palme d’Or

There are various awards at the festival. Most importantly, every filmmaker runs for the highest award or Palme d’Or. The first Palme d’Or was given in 1955 for the film “Marty” until Grand Prix was popular. Then Grand Prix was resumed for 1964-74 until Palme d’Or continued from 1975. Other prominent awards include Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Director, and more. 

Where to Watch


Movie lovers look for where to watch Cannes film festival movies. Though it’s the right of the production where they will showcase, there are some OTT platforms like Mubi, Apple TV+, and Netflix that acquire the right to some festival movies. Specifically, Mubi has a bunch of collections of festival-related movies. For your information, Cannes is having feuds with Netflix not to showcase any movies on the platform. So, there is no hope for Cannes 2022 films on Netflix.  


Fashion is a hot subject on the red carpet of the festival. Hundreds of celebrities around the world increase the blaze of the festival. 


Where Julia Docuornau won the Palme d’Or for her film Titane in 2021, Renate Reinsve, Caleb Landry Jones, and Leos Carax won Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Directors Awards respectively. 

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