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Chicago Movie is a Remarkable Portrayal of Life’s Incidents through Jazz


After a few times, I gave a watch to another masterpiece from Hollywood. Though I have been quite involved with some horror films right now, there was no interest to watch something else. Thinking about watching some awesome movies in cinematic history, I found the Chicago movie quite interesting, especially for its cast. So, I gave it a watch.

I can’t even imagine life’s incidents through jazz could be portrayed so magnanimously. Until I watched the movie, I couldn’t believe the presentation of a film can be amazing by just twisting something in the film. Though there are many musical films, Chicago is made kind of a different note which I can’t believe until I watched the film.


After I watched the film, I realized why it received Oscar for Best Picture in 2002. The second musical film since Oliver! to win the best picture award, though it won in the other 5 categories also. Though music has been an integral part of several movies, Chicago is an exceptional one. 

Rendition by the debutant director Rob Marshall chose the perfect cast for the Chicago movie. I never imagined Richard Gere could dance like this carrying his jolly never-lost case lawyer. I would like to mention Catherine Zeta-Jones stole the show with her character Velma Kelly. Rene Zellweger put off some weight for her character Roxie Hart. The cast of Chicago also includes John C. Reilly, a dedicated husband to Roxie who made him Mr. Cellophane. Queen Latifah as Mama perfectly fits her role. 

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Before going deeper, here’s the story of Chicago. It’s the story of two women – Roxie and Velma who are on death row dreaming about fame as famous celebrity showgirls. Roxie Hart kills her lover and Velma, on the other hand, kills her philandering husband along with her sister.

Richard Gere plays Billy Flynn, a lawyer who has never lost a case. It’s surprising when you hear Richard singing with his jolly attitude. Queen Latifah plays Mama, in charge of the jail. Her dancing on the stage makes you smile as she appears on the stage. 

There are a few exciting moments like when Gere starts tap-dancing on the floor. The scene creates excitement in the audience. John C. Reily’s pathos through singing Mr. Cellophane makes us sympathize with the character. Though Chicago is primarily based on performances, it creates a unique identity in film history by reinventing music in it.   


Based on the 1975 musical which was also based on a 1926 broadway play Chicago written by Maurine Watkins about two real-life Jazz-era murderers, Beulah Annan and Belva Gaertner. Roxie Hart and Velma respectively are the fictionalized characters made by the playwright.

So, reading about the movie, you might feel pleased to watch it. But where to watch, right? Unfortunately, Chicago is not currently available on Netflix. Yet, you can give it a watch on Amazon Prime by rent or buying. 

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Look at the trailer of the Chicago 2002 movie.



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