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Deadpool 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer and All


With just one tweet, Ryan Reynolds has fired the web. His announcement of Deadpool 3 is breaking the internet sensation everywhere around the world. Now, fans are eagerly waiting for the movie. I hope you also. Let’s know the release date, cast, and trailer of Deadpool 3 in this article. 

What we know so far is just a drop, the ocean is far away. Reynolds has just announced Deadpool 3 along with Hugh Jackman. There’s not enough information. However, whatever information we have collected for you, we will share it here. As everyone wants to know in detail about the plot, release date, cast, trailer, and all about Deadpool 3. 


We will reveal everything you want to know but with concise information as there’s not much.  

Deadpool 3 Release Date

As of now, we come to know the release date properly along with a glance of a few cast. The movie is going to premiere on 6th September 2024. So, you are wondering about the promotional strategy. Deadpool is going to be one of the highest-budget and most anticipated movies of 2024. The movie will release in the USA and then thereafter the other countries. 

We hope the filming will begin the next year. And then we will see more information coming forward. 


Deadpool 3 Cast 

What we know about the cast is just a big addition to Hugh Jackman. In his tweet, Reynolds asks Hugh to play with him as Wolverine in Deadpool 3. And the answer is yes. This will mark his comeback after Logan in 2017 which was supposed to be his last appearance in the Wolverine franchise. Deadpool 3 is going to be the MCU debut for Hugh Jackman. 

So, that is the big announcement. But what about the others, specifically She-Hulk or Colossus, the steel man? Where Deadpool 2 introduced a few new faces, the upcoming part might revive some of those like Domino (Zazie Beetz) and Josh Brolin (Cable). There’s no official information yet but their approach toward this film on social gives us a little expectation. 

There’s an expectation about the steel man and She-Hulk as well. But it is pretty much confirmed that Leslie Uggams as Blind AI will come back in Deadpool 3. 


Shawn Levy, as per IMDB will direct the film. Marvel Studios is behind the production. So, the MCU universe is quite enriched with upcoming movies.  

Deadpool 3 Trailer 

The filming hasn’t begun yet. So, there’s no official teaser or trailer as of the writing date. 

Deadpool 3 Story

Reynolds has given a hint about the completely different story of Deadpool 3 but the plot is not revealed yet. The movie has been in the development stage for over 3 years. Due to the pandemic, several movies were postponed along with Deadpool 3. As it is an MCU part, we can sense a bit about the structure of the movie. 


In 2021, the screenwriter of Deadpool said, the 3rd part is going to be a “Fist-out-of-water” story. Sharing his enjoyment of the movie, he said Deadpool is something lunatic.  


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