Kristen Stewart in Zathura

Do you remember Kristen Stewart in Zathura?


Did you really notice Kristen Stewart in Zathura? Probably not, I hope. It’s true, no doubt. How would you notice? People still wonder if Kristen Stewart is in Zathura. Her character is already an overlooked character as far as the script is concerned.  When she became famous, her appearance in Zathura started to be noticed. Otherwise, we couldn’t have talked about her.

Starting her career as a lead actor in Panic, Stewart frequently appeared in some underrated films until Twilight gave a big break. The movie changed her fortune forever. Kristen Stewart has given us some amazing films throughout her career.


Not going far into Twilight, we will stick to Zathura only as she was shaping her career in the Hollywood film industry and maybe preparing herself as one of the highest-paid actresses.

Stewart’s rise is quite fascinating. With small roles, she started to gain attraction in the industry. This gave her a unique identity later. Can you believe Stewart in Zathura and Stewart in Spencer, her latest movie?

It’s totally an incredible transformation as a performer as well as a human being. Zathura was more entertaining with very little to do with performance.


On the other hand, Spencer is completely a different story where complexity is the main priority. Mental health and accurately establishing the attributes of a queen is not an easy task. Kristen Stewart portrays such characters masterfully.

Let’s look at the character and a little bit of an overview of Zathura.

What is Zathura About? 

Zathura is a purely children’s adventure movie – kind of similar to Steven Spielberg’s movie, E. T but the plot is quite different. It’s more like the combination of E.T and Jumanji. You will surely find similarities between both of them.


It tells the story of two brothers who get transported into space while playing board games. Thinking about how to get into the earth, they plan to find ways. It’s quite like Jumanji, right? Many believe it’s a spin-off of Jumanji.

By playing board games, children face some extreme adventures in their lives. Based on the children’s adventure book of the same name written by Chris Van Allsburg, the film features Tim Robbins, Dax Shepard, and many more stars.

The most interesting attribute of this film is the visual effects. The choice of real-looking effects rather than CGI by the director, Jon Favreau proved a unique and authentic piece.


Role of KRISTEN Stewart in Zathura

Kristen Stewart was 15 when she appeared in Zathura. It was her 9th film. Before Zathura, she was already a child star. Being one of her very early films, Stewart still feels horrible about the traumatizing effect on her body.

She plays Lissa, the sister of two brothers in Zathura. She always gets overlooked by her brothers. So, she submerges herself into her personal world which is filled with phones and friends. When her brothers disappear, she finds a way to help them back to the earth with the help of an astronaut played by Dax Shepard.

I hope now you remember the part she played in Zathura: The Space Adventure. 


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