Don’t Look Up Movie Editing Error is Intentional

Is Netflix’s run Don’t Look Up Movie Editing Error Intentional?


Well, after the release of Netflix’s “Don’t Look Up” movie, it has caught the eyes of many audiences. Have you spotted any errors in the film? If not, then you should watch the movie again minutely.

Starring Leonardo Dicaprio, Meryl Streep, and Jennifer Lawrence, “Don’t Look Up” movie tell the story of two astronomers who warn the world about a comet coming towards earth that can destroy humanity. 


So, what’s the buzz about errors? A Tik Tok viewer named Ben Kohler (@sightpicture) has spotted a scene where it shows the film crew in the background. He mentioned the error with exactly mentioning the time in the film.

At 1 hour 28 minutes and 10 seconds, you will get to see the crew is left behind the actors. With this rumor, the netizens have turned seriously to give a second look of the look. It was first covered by E Online.

In response, the director has confirmed that the error was intentional. It was on purpose. Though there is a purpose or not, movie buffs all around the world have made this rumor a debate. The error is so minute that it’s natural to overlook. But Adam McKay through his Twitter post has appreciated the viewer who has raised the question. 

Adam McKay on the editing error in Don’t Look Up movie

While some netizens have taken this counter reply from the director granted, others counter-attack on the director. They believe it is an editing mistake.

Because of the pandemic, the film was delayed for a few months. There is a huge concern about climate change all over the world. The director has taken it seriously through his movie. Explaining every situation allegorically, Don’t Look Up gives us a fresh look with a dark ending of society and the world as a whole. 

Though the film has got some mixed reviews, it seriously raises the question about climate change. The movie is worth it in recent times. Don’t Look Up is running on Netflix and has already got Golden Globe nominations so far. A bunch of Hollywood persona has made the movie a buzz in the industry. If the movie is worth enough to watch or not, you can check out the review.  



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