Don't Look Up Review

Don’t Look Up Review: The Film Explores the Disturbing Society Satirically


Films work like a mood-refresher. If it is a good film, then there’s no better thing which can make your life richer. You might be thinking about why I am articulating this. I’m supposed to give a review. Well, this mention would be helpful to measure the quality of the film specifically “Don’t Look Up”.

No doubt after a long time, I saw a film which is quite different in its approach. The buzz about the film has already been in the entertainment industry for a long. It has already got 4 Golden Globe nominations to date. Because of its star-studded cast, the film was in the hype.


Your favorite actors are there in Don’t Look Up revealing a star-studded cast. Starting from Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence to Cate Blanchette, Jonah Hill, Timothee Chalamet, and many more. Everyone is on a unique appearance. Also, Ariana Grande is playing an interesting character here in the movie.

If a film mocks the country’s president at its worst level, you might get serious. But after you give a watch, you will surely get impressed by the performance of the actors especially Meryl Streep as president. As we know every film of her leaves a mark of her astute and unique presence, this film also doesn’t go behind.

Netflix’s Don’t Look Up Exposes a Ridiculous Side of the society

So where’s the start of the story? The film starts with a simple opening. Two astronomers find a 5-10 km comet which is going to come within 6-7 months period and destroy the earth. It’s not clear at first what they are afraid of. Gradually, the script unveils the plot.


What seems dangerous to them may look like an alien to us. That’s how the story proceeds. As the story proceeds, we come to see some prominent actors’ entries. Mindy and Kate report about the catastrophic event to the president.

But their approach to “sit tight and assess” push them to inform the media. Here we come to see the media industry’s approach in the real world. Don’t look up might offense everyone but it exposes the fact at last. It exposes the naked soul in politics. Comet is just a metaphor.

If you hear the earth is going to be destroyed on a particular date immediately, what would be your reaction? I hope we will take it more casually at the beginning as we haven’t seen any credible event before about such prediction.


“Don’t Look Up” running on Netflix is one of 2021’s most talked-about films. There’s no objection to any actor’s performance. While watching, you might think about you are in a circus enjoying the performance from media, politics, and common people. Don’t look up mocks everyone.

Everything seems crazy in this film. Sometimes, you may wonder what’s happening and what is going to happen next. It’s madness everywhere throughout the movie. Everyone is doing anything irrespective of their surroundings.

One thing for sure is this Leonardo DiCaprio starrer “Don’t Look Up” gives a feeling that we are living in the social media era. Those pop-up messages, YouTube videos make it more interesting and relevant. But somehow it fails to achieve audiences’ hunger for watching a movie 2nd or 3rd time. It’s not a film which you want to watch intermittently.


Some dialogues are heavily input to make the movie a satirical comedy. Here is the trailer of Don’t Look Up.

Huge credit goes to the director also. Adam McKay has accurately shown the difference between the rich, working-class, and politicians in this Netflix film.

It properly justifies when we see the difference between” don’t look up” and “just look up”. When common people want to walk with heads up, the big fish make those people bend their heads.


The whole population is divided into two sections. One protests and the other supports it. This is where Netflix’s “Don’t Look Up” holds our attention. It becomes more interesting after the comet is seen by the people.

Taking about the script, this is another particular material that needs appreciation. To make such a comedy, the script has to be strong enough. Every character is properly differentiated from the other. One has to be concerned about the dialogues where it establishes comedy with a tweaked truth.

Editing pushes the level a bit higher but there is an editing mistake circulating over the internet. Yet, editing adds to the quality of the film. When Dr. Mindy’s family, Kate, her lover, and Terry eating together, the combination of background music and slow-motion video perfectly blended fine. Some fast cuts are amazing in this film.


When the world is on the verge of destruction or any kind of issues arise, the common people eventually die or suffer first every time. In the end, there’s an interesting event. So when it just starts to show the ending title, don’t stop watching rather wait for a few seconds to get that interesting part. You will be clear about those who were in the spaceship.

This is really an awesome portrayal of satirical comedy. And Adam McKay does a better job with it. The portrayal of the real world is quite amazing in the movie. We follow only what’s in the hype. It’s a naked truth of social media also. Adam has uncovered the soul of every industry in particular social media, news, and the white house.

On one hand, the media finds a story and on the other hand, the politicians think about their private lives the most. There’s a selfish motive for them. This is where the film attracts more audiences. It holds the suspense throughout the film. This suspense drives us to see what’s next.


Though the film establishes its unique form, its authenticity, it doesn’t satisfy overall. It fails for its over exposition of reality for the simple purpose of making a comedy movie. There’s an exaggeration of satire comedy. To get the best out of it, the director forces some elements to make everything comical. 

This is where it raises questions. There is no need to make people laugh by forcing them. Whether you like the film or not, you will surely appreciate the performance of every actor. You will surely be confused with Cate Blanchette who is portraying the character of a TV reporter. In one sentence, Don’t look up explores the ridiculous face of politics, media, and common people.

So, “Don’t Look Up” which is streaming on Netflix works like a mood-refresher, though it may not be a 2nd or 3rd-time watch. You can read the Squid Game review here.



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