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Hulu Unveils the New Hellraiser Release Date in 2022


What is the release date of the new Hellraiser 2022? With the new bang-on trailer of Hellraiser creating much sensation, it’s obvious audiences want to know the release date of Hellraiser 2022. It may perhaps be the most anticipated release on Hulu. Whether you are a fan of the franchise or just want to give it a watch, then wait for a few weeks. Hulu is going to release it on the 7th Oct 2022. 

The new Hellraiser trailer is buzzing on the internet. With the sensation of a new Pinhead coming in October, the film is gaining its strength day by day. The movie which was created in 1987 went on to create 10 more such movies as of now making it a big and longest-running franchise. Not only moves, but it also inspired video games as well. 


Jamie Clayton comes as the new Pinhead obsessed with the puzzle box that is responsible for her brother’s disappearance. But the box has different purposes. After Hulu releases its trailer on 20th Sept, it has crossed more than 1M views already. You will witness blood and pain throughout the film.

The trailer shows the puzzle around the box. As soon as Joey tries to solve the puzzle, it turns out supernatural horrific moments. There’s blood on the box and another horrible adventure is awaiting the viewers. It seems that the trailer has the strength to pull audiences to the OTT platform. 

Is Hellraiser 2022 on Netflix? Not Netflix, not Amazon Prime, but ultimately Hulu reserves the right to release the movie on its platform. Where most audiences are averse to going to theatres, it seems Hulu will attract more audiences to its platform. You can watch the previous parts on Amazon Prime free of cost if you have a subscription. 


Here is the trailer of the new Hellraiser 2022. Let’s witness the adventure of the unveiling of the puzzle box on 7th Oct. 


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