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What We Know so far about I am Legend 2 Release Date, Casts, and More


If there are some movies that catapulted an actor’s career to a level high, I am Legend is one of them. This movie has a special place in Will Smith’s career. After 15 years of its release, Will Smith is going to come up with another anticipated film, I am Legend 2 which is a Sequel to I am Legend. So, there is obviously a buzz about the release date of I am Legend 2. 

The first part was no doubt an extraordinary sci-fi/horror film. With a big critical and commercial success, I am Legend showed us a dystopian world where only a dog and its owner are alive fighting with zombies for survival. Based on the novel by Richard Matheson, I am Legend instigated anticipation of part 2, though there was no execution. After the announcement of its sequel, it seems it will finally release with a bang. 


Let us know about the release date of I am Legend 2, its cast, and some important news. It is not yet clear if Francis Lawrence will be returning as the director of the sequel or not but Akiva Goldsman is returning as the screenwriter. Before delving more into the article, let’s get clear about some queries about the film. 

Is There Going to be I am Legend 2?

Yes. As per the official confirmation, it seems Warner Bros. is working on the sequel. After 15 years after releasing its first part starring Will Smith, the expectation is growing for I am Legend 2. More interesting to know is he will also helm as the producer along with Michael B. Jordan and others. The filming hasn’t begun yet. 

I am Legend 2 Release Date 

As of today, there is no fixed release date for I am Legend 2 because the filming hasn’t begun yet to date in March 2022. What we can do is predict which is really difficult. The sequel would be needing various stages of filmmaking with expertise as the expectation is higher than the previous one. It will take a long time to shoot, edit, and promotion. So predicting a release date would be futile. 


I am Legend 2 Casts

What is more interesting is along with Will Smith, Black Panther star Micheal B. Jordan will also join the cast of I am Legend 2. We will get Smith as Dr. Neville but which character will Jordan play is not clear yet. They will work for the first time together. Also, both of them will chair as the producer.

Except for this, there is not much revelation about the cast of the film. In the midst of the Oscar nomination as the best actor and winning the SAG award for his role in King Richard, it’s great news for Will Smith fans. As the film is in an early stage of development, there is a lot of mystery around it. Getting Dr. Neville again on the screen will be definitely an enjoyable watch. 

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