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The Significant Impact of Play to Earn Games on the Digital Economy


What if you earn money from games? Isn’t that amazing? Certainly interesting and ultimately who wants to leave that chance to earn? It nudges us to check at least once what’s going on. Is it correct or not? So here’s the exact info where you will get to know the exact details of play to earn games. Yet, we are here to give you a brief of such things going on in the entertainment industry.

Where everyone is going online, the gaming industry also has got a huge boost recently. With the introduction of cutting-edge technology, we are making everything possible. There are now more than 3 billion gamers. According to BITKRAFT ventures, the industry is now valued at $336 billion worldwide. 


So, if you are game obsessed, though many of us including older people have already joined the group, then this is great news for all of you. But how can you earn money from games? Let’s see in brief. With the evolution of Blockchain, there is a new term buzzing around the industry named money games.  

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The video shows a top-ranked gamer, Moritz is explaining about earning money from games can be the future. Why not? Everything including entertainment, free space, and monetization is there. Then why wouldn’t people get attracted to it?


Virtual assets or digital achievements are going to be history soon. Now generating real cash through online gaming can make people or specifically, gamers live out of it.  Moritz, being a high-earning gamer once explains in an interview given on World Economic Forum the changing side of the online gaming industry which is grabbing more attention to millions of gamers or common people to try it once.

How Play to Earn Games Work

Play-to-earn games work on the Blockchain model. With the increase of amazing technology, a gamer can earn NFTs in the form of characters, land, or digital clothing. Well, for your information, NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are digital coins implying the unique ownership of a digital asset.

These games keep your NFTs secured on the Blockchain. Whenever you need real cash, you can do so by selling your NFTs in the real market. Though Blockchain is a new sensation in every industry starting from finance to art, and small right now, it’s growing rapidly so are the Blockchain-based games also.


If you play well, you can earn huge NFT assets and later cash in. As the physical and virtual worlds converge into digital space and the lack of job security, play-to-earn games can open a door to income. You can play crypto games on your android device also depending on the criteria of the games.

The free play-to-earn crypto games give us a sneak peek into the future decentralized digital economy where everything will be under the ownership of the player. These play-to-earn NFT games are wholly based on Blockchain.

You can also try your hand at Axie Infinity, Sorare, Gods Unchained, or The Sandbox. While Axie Infinity and Sorare are available for iOS, Android, and PC, the rest are available for PC only.


Here’s a little sneak peek into the play-to-earn crypto games list. 

  • Axie Infinity – Battle
  • Sorare – Football
  • Gods Unchained – Trading card
  • The Sandbox – Metaverse world

What’s more interesting is the digital assets implementing initiative from Metaverse. If playing games has been your hobby for so long, it’s time to be addicted when you will start to earn money in the form of cryptos from play-to-earn games. The new system can create many opportunities for the future.


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