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Jessica Chastain Movies on Netflix (Updated)


Jessica Chastain has already engraved her name in cinematic history by winning the Oscar 2022 award as the lead actress; an ultimate achievement. With this, she has become a phenomenon in the industry as well as among movie buffs. I hope you have already watched some of her other movies to date. If you are still groping, then here’s our article on Jessica Chastain movies streaming on Netflix right now.

Her performance in The Eyes of Tammy Faye has amazed the whole world. Is this film available on Netflix? Unfortunately, not. But you can glance over her other prominent works until Netflix has the right to upload the movie. You may find Intersteller, Molly’s Game, or Crimson Peak in your region. 


As it gives you more to know about her as a performer, you may perhaps expand your favorite genres because Chastain has already worked in various genres. Before starting our article, I would like you to read about the best movies by Jessica Chastain. It will help you to bookmark your favorite. You may not see some titles available in your country. Let’s see which Jessica Chastain movies are available on Netflix India. 

Jessica Chastain Movies on Netflix

  1. Mama (2013)

Reading the name, one can easily imagine the film centers on a mother. You are wrong. It’s not an emotional movie if you go by the name instead it comes with an element of horror. When a couple takes care of their two nieces, they confront a supernatural spirit that haunts them. Mama is that spirit. Jessica Chastain appears in a completely new avatar with a blacky eyes, a tattoo, and new hair.    

Her performance in the movie makes us believe in her spontaneous acting skill. Besides her performance mainly in indie dramas, Chastain proves her worth by working in horror films also. Though the film got mixed reviews from critics, Mama proved to be a box office hit globally.


After the success of the film, there was a buzz that audiences would get a sequel also but there is no confirmation yet. it’s an indie film also directed by Argentinian director Andy Muschietti.

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  1. Ava (2020)

Ava is a specialized assassin who works for a gang. When an assignment goes wrong, she feels dumbfounded about her work and her family gets involved with her professional life. You have seen Jessica Chastain in various roles doing everything perfectly. With this Netflix flick, she proves her action. 


Though the script is not much interesting, you will enjoy Jessica’s performance throughout the film. Also, the film includes John Malkovich and Collin Farrell in some prominent roles. If you are a Netflix subscriber, then hurry up, you may lose it at any time. 

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  1. The Good Nurse (2022)

Supposed to release a few years back, The Good Nurse is a kind of film psychological thriller lovers were expecting for a long time. It’s a true story about a nurse who killed more than 300 patients in the incumbent period of his professional career. Lionsgate was behind the release of this film but later Netflix acquired the rights to this film and now, it’s streaming there.


Combined with Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain, the film delves into finding the truth behind such mysterious murders. Eddie plays Charlie Cullen and Jessica as Amy Loughren. The Good Nurse is a new movie by Jessica Chastain.

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