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Johnny Depp Movies on Netflix


If you are looking for Johnny Depp Movies, you might be thinking about Netflix or Amazon Prime. You are quite right. These two platforms give us numerous choices from thousands, though Hulu is gradually capturing market share by providing awesome content.

We have got several good movies by Johnny Depp throughout his career. Though his personal and professional life is going through a crisis, it will hopefully end soon peacefully. Check out Johnny’s best films and let us know which are available in your country.


His appearance on the screen has charm in it. Whether you are a fan or not, you will definitely give him notice. So, what to see as there are many films available online now. Some are on Amazon, others are on Netflix. Some movies may come with rent on Amazon Prime which you can see on Netflix perhaps if it is available.

If you have a subscription, why not give a watch? You may spend your day ideally. So, here’s a list of all Johnny Depp movies available only on Netflix India. See, irrespective of region, you may not find our picks because as we all know Netflix provides content on a geographical basis.

Johnny Depp Movies on Netflix Streaming Right Now

  1. Donnie Brasco 

Indeed, Donnie Brasco is currently exclusively accessible through Netflix India. In addition to appearing in a few supernatural or occult movies, Johnny Depp made a name for himself as a leading actor in crime dramas. Being a rising celebrity and working alongside Al Pacino in the movie was difficult, but he never lost his competitive spirit. Donnie Brasco is a must-watch movie if you’re looking for the best Johnny Depp movies.


It relates the tale of an FBI agent working undercover who eventually decimates New York’s mafia families. In addition to his past eccentric cinematic performances, he demonstrated his acting potential in this movie. His career was successfully changed abruptly, which elevated his standing in the Hollywood industry.

  1. Secret Window

He performs the role of a solitary writer. He has a cabin on a lonely lakeside that makes us uneasy to stay there by ourselves. The fact that the narrative is based on Stephen King’s book of the same name is intriguing. In this masterfully written psychological character thriller, a stalker accuses the author of stealing his writing.

His propensity for extending his jaw adds a seductive touch to his outstanding performance. Depp keeps up his habit throughout the movie. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, put it on your list because after you do, you’ll realize what you were missing. Please double-check your area.


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  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

You may get this movie in your region. Search on Netflix. Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka is an unforgettable character to audiences. Adapted from Roald Dahl’s tale, Tim Burton exactly portrays Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka, a beloved candy man. It tells the story of Charlie who by chance gets a scope to enter an amazing chocolate factory run by Willy Wonka. What’s surprising is its continuous supply of chocolate. 

This is a fantasy film that instigates our childhood memories of chocolate. Depp, for his performance, received a Golden Globe Award nomination. Children have nostalgia for chocolates and watching such a film could give back our nostalgia. With an amazing storyline, the film wins our hearts from the beginning. 


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As you see, there is only one Johnny Depp movie available on Netflix India as of 2022. You can watch his other films like Desperado or Tusk, though the highlighted actor is not Johnny Depp.

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