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Johnny Depp Revealing Never Fear Truth NFT Collection Through His Instagram


When a big name from the Hollywood industry shares something on social media, it indeed creates a lot of buzzes. The same happens when Johnny Depp shares his first picture on Instagram after 11 months after the domestic violence case accused by his ex-wife Amber Heard. As soon as Johnny Depp posted his pictures of NFT, almost 2 million of his fans and friends have already liked and wished him for his work. The Pirates of the Caribbean star is selling his first NFT art through his painting, Never Fear Truth art collection.

Because of the long-running marital controversy, he has been away from Social media. Now after 11 months, he shares his first Instagram post where we see him painting.


As per Page Six, proceeds from NFTs will go to charity and his friends. Johnny Depp is selling over 10,000 NFTs via the Never Fear Truth official website and the leading multi-chain NFT marketplace, Rarible.

Purchasing NFTs could be fruitful for the owners. They will get a scope to involve with an exclusive Discord community where they can make some creative projects collaborating with Johnny Depp.  

The paintings include his family, friends, and also the people who he admires the most. It includes Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando, Heath Ledger, Tim Burton, his daughter, his late dog Mooh, and Bunnyman, a fictional character. He has shared his emotional feelings also in a statement. 


This is such an exciting initiative from this 58 years-old actor. Since Minamata which was released in 2020, we haven’t got any new film from him. 

In the meantime, he has already signed for his upcoming film which will be based on the controversial French King Louis XV. The French filmmaker Maiwenn is going to direct the film as well as act in it. Her films have been very contemporary and have won various prestigious awards. Some of her memorable films are DNA, Mon Rai, and Polisse.  

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This is a story of King Louis XV who is considered the second longest-reigning French monarch. The shooting will begin this summer. There is not much information about the project yet except this. Yet, the fans are excited to watch Johnny Depp on the screen after a long time.


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