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6 Kristen Stewart Movies Streaming on Netflix


If anything was familiar in every show, be it Cannes or Oscar, it is the name, Kristen Stewart. Crimes of the future at Cannes and Spencer at the Oscar kept floating her name in the event. If you are looking for Kristen Stewart movies on Netflix, I have collected a list of those available movies.

After getting her first Oscar nomination, there was a buzz about its availability on Netflix. But alas! Spencer is not on Netflix. Though Netflix releases movies and TV shows irrespective of the country, one may not find any of the below-mentioned movies.


If you judge Stewart by Twilight then you haven’t watched her other spectacular performances for which she has established herself as a versatile actor. To prove her worth in the industry, Kristen Stewart has given her best performances in her movies.

If you are looking for more Kristen Stewart movies, here are 6 pieces available on Netflix right now. Don’t miss the chance to watch these movies, who says, Netflix could withdraw later. Let’s see those 6 movies streaming on Netflix in the Indian region.

6 Kristen Stewart Movies Streaming on Netflix

  1. Into the Wild (2007)

This film talks about human relationships, humanity, and biographical adventure. It’s more of a spiritual drama. Directed by Sena Penn, it tells the story of Christopher who renounces all his mundane possession and embarks on a hitchhike. The adventure changes him as a person. 


There is a small part of Stewart who falls for Christopher. Just before the release of Twilight, this film gave her exposure to the world of art-house films. Thanks to Netflix to upload such a film. If you love spiritualistic films, then Into the Wild is one you shouldn’t miss at all. 

  1. The Twilight Saga (2008-2012)

The five portions of the movie series for which she gained notoriety and the title of the highest-paid actress in the world are now accessible on Netflix. After Twilight’s enormous popularity, Kristen Stewart’s career took off.

Once the movie was released, it started to become a cultural phenomenon. Despite receiving mixed to unfavourable reviews from critics, the movie was a tremendous box office hit. Stewart portrays Bella Swan, a vampire-in-love. The relationship between the two is examined in the movie. Twilight immediately captivated spectators with its beautiful cinematography.


Twilight evolved into a saga and later produced four additional sequels as a result of its enormous global success. Therefore, Twilight must be included in any list of Kristen Stewart films available on Netflix.

  1. Snow White and The Huntsman (2012)

Because of Netflix, Snow White and the Huntsman is available there. Based on the German fairy tale, Snow White by the Brothers Grimm, the film gives us a sneak peek of evil’s dethrone and honesty’s rise. While Snow White played by Kristen Stewart escapes from her evil mother’s kingdom, Huntsman becomes her companion to overthrow her mother. 

The film was a box office success with two Oscar nominations including Best Costume Design and Best Visual Effects. Its visual effects will surely blow your mind. The film features Chris Hemsworth, and Charlize Theron as well. There is a sequel also but Stewart didn’t reprise her role. After this, she was on a journey of transformation. 

  1. Charlie’s Angels (2019)

While she was experimenting with her films, she didn’t work on those which gave her rise at once. Charlie’s Angels is one such film that is purely entertaining with guns, blasts, contrastive costumes, and high music. It’s the third film in the Charlie’s Angels franchise streaming on Netflix now.  

3 angels working for a detective agency follow the master, Charlie’s orders. The new film couldn’t be compared with the other previous films. It was a box-office disappointment with mixed reviews. However, just for the mood refreshing, this film might entertain you.  

  1. Happiest Season (2020)

One of the films on the list of Kristen Stewart films that helped to solidify her reputation in the business is Happiest Season. With this movie, she illustrated how versatile an actor she is. She portrays Harper’s interest in Abby. This is not your typical movie, but it does offer a unique viewpoint on the LGBTQ+ population.


Through this movie, director Clea DuVall recounts her own experiences. Stewart delivered a strong humorous performance in this romantic holiday tale. It depicts the tale of a lesbian who asks her partner to marry her without realising that there would be complications because of her family.

Stewart’s condition parallels that of Happiest Season. She established her identity with this 2014 movie.

  1. Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005)

I think many of us overlook the presence of Kristen Stewart in Zathura. It’s a very early film in her career as a child actor. So, an obvious hidden gem. Identical to Jumanji, Zathura takes us through the same board game and puts us into a different world. 


It’s a story of two brothers finding each other in a different space while playing a board game. While playing, they must find a way to come to earth. Stewart was 15 years old while acting in this film, though the role was pretty small. She plays Lissa, an older sister who doesn’t get any attention from her brothers. So, she submerges herself into her personal world. 

Though it’s a children’s film, Zathura is no doubt a truly entertaining piece that reminds our childhood imagination, desire, and longing. Now, it’s available on Netflix. Don’t just watch Zathura for Kristen Stewart rather watch it for adventure.


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