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List of All the Songs from the Purple Hearts Movie


Music creates an illusion. And we surrender to the magic of it. This is such a fantastic creation that helps to modify our mood, environment, and all. Be it any music, there is a vibe we always feel. Recently, Purple Hearts created such moments through its songs that we can’t stop cherishing. Let’s look at the songs from the Purple Hearts movie.  

Are you an obsessed music lover? Then, you must listen to all the songs from the Purple Hearts movie. Several audiences are loving the soundtrack of Purple Hearts. Whether you have heard it or not, here we will share a list of those songs from the movie. Keep every song in your bookmark and listen according to your time. But first, delve into a little bit of the Purple Hearts movie. 


An overview of the Purple Hearts

If fans of romantic tragedy are looking for a remarkable movie, this is perhaps one of them. This Netflix-running movie is one of the most-watched movies this year. It’s a kind of love story but with a few tragedic moments. The movie tells a story about an aspiring singer-songwriter who marriages a marine but on purpose. Soon, their marriage takes a tragedic turn. 

Unlike all the predictable romantic plots, Purple Hearts follows quite a different storyline. Along with its storyline, the songs are amazing as well. I would like to stress its songs to attract more audiences and hold their attention to the movie. Already millions of viewers have watched it all over the world. 

Purple Hearts Soundtrack: A List of All the Songs 

  1. Come Back Home by Sofia Carson
  2. I Hate the Way by Sofia Carson
  3. Blue Side of the Sky by Sofia Carson
  4. I Didn’t Know by Sofia Carson
  5. Feel It Still by Sofia Carson
  6. Sweet Caroline by Sofia Carson
  7. I Hate the Way (Stripped) by Sofia Carson
  8. Come Back Home by Sofia Carson

Every song mentioned here is performed by Sofia Carson. With her fabulous voice, these songs stand out in the movie. And, it ultimately boosts the viewership of the movie. On a weekend when you are with your love or even alone, listening to such songs is not bad. 


All the songs are now on Spotify. If you don’t want to watch the movie, then you can go straight to hear the music of the movie. But let me tell you the picturization of the characters is so enchanting that you don’t want to miss it. 


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