Neil young Spotify Controversy

Spotify Controversy is Graining Stronger After Neil Young Quit the Platform


After Neil Young quit Spotify, more musicians are following his path. The controversy is graining much stronger every day. Creators who will leave Spotify include Graham Nash, India Arie, Joni Mitchell, Nils Lofgren, and Brene Brown. More on the list

Neil Young left the platform last week because of Covid-19 misinformation spurt by Joe Rogan, American Podcaster. He also urged other musicians and creators to pull off the content on its platform. Obviously, he has got a huge response from other creators. 


Not only creators but Meghan Markle and Prince Harry also shared their opinions on the controversy. Though Rogan has apologized for the controversy, it seems his apology loses its strength. Everybody has shared their views on quitting. 

Nash said, “The opinions publicized by Rogan are so dishonest and unsupported by solid facts that Spotify becomes an enabler in a way that costs people their lives.” 

Spotify is an audio streaming platform. It runs because of the creators. If every creator follows the bandwagon of Neil Young, then the company might be in a dangerous situation in the future.  


It is seriously a concerning matter for viewers who regularly follow those creators on the platform. With a further step, India Arie has mentioned Joe Rogan as “Problematic for reasons other than his Covid interviews.” She added, “For me, it’s also his language around race.” there is no response from Rogan or Spotify. 

This remark from India Arie sparks another debate on Joe Rogan’s views on racism in the industry. As soon as the controversy sparked, the giant audio streaming platform lost more than $4 billion in market value, though gained again. 

“Spotify represents 60% of the streaming of my music to listeners around the world … Yet my [record label] stood with me, recognizing the threat the COVID misinformation on SPOTIFY posed to the world — particularly for our young people who think everything they hear on SPOTIFY is true. Unfortunately, it is not” – the Heart of Gold singer said on his website. 


On the other hand, Dwayne Johnson has cheered Rogan’s statement after the rally of quitting. And this makes his fans divided into two parts. Spotify has also cleared that the platform will add Covid-19 content advisory to the backlash caused by the controversy.

It’s a global concern now. Listeners are now confused about which to believe and why. If the misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccination can cause death, then it is difficult to believe those platforms. It is indeed a great initiative from the creators who have stood out against such a platform.


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