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Review: Netflix Running Black Mirror is an Amazing Cult Show


Some movies or shows come and become cult favorites. Netflix show Black Mirror is such an amazing cult show created by Charlie Brooker. The OTT giant has given us some awesome shows throughout the years and made its position stronger. Though the first two seasons were released by Channel 4, Netflix acquired its rights to release all the seasons in 2016.  

I’m just thinking about the depth the series has. With detailed human behaviors, the writers have pondered over our future minutely. The series casts various prominent performers in different episodes like Miley Cyrus, Bryce Dallas Howard, Daniel Kaluuya, Jesse Plemons, and others. 


Black Mirror is a Netflix original British anthology series created by Charlie Brooker that has caught millions of fans’ eyes. As we see technology has grabbed us in every way. We can’t live without it right now. As well as serving positive effects, there are some negative effects that we overlook but they are most important in our lives. It depends on how we use technology. Black Mirror implies the same throughout all seasons. There are 5 seasons streaming on Netflix right now.

Netflix streaming Black Mirror Raises the Most Concerning Contemporary Issues

The first query was how the idea of this unique project developed. To tell you this, when a video game reviewer started to produce content for TV, he developed the idea of Black Mirror, mostly inspired by The Twilight Zone series style. According to him, he wanted to capture the contemporary issues that included technology, of course. Along with producing How TV Ruined Your Life, Brooker started to write Black Mirror. 

Black Mirror is an interestingly chosen title by the director, Brooker. What it literally means is that when you look at the back screen of your phone, it looks black. Horrifying. This metaphorically connects the title with the series. The creator raises questions about humanity, and contemporary issues like technology, political issues, etc.


The title suggests that technology will destroy humanity one day. As we all know technology is in everything now. The series exactly shows the same. Everything is related to technological innovation. From morning to night, everything is run by technology.

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With the advent of huge technological innovation, here comes the question. What will be the future without technology? Will technology harm us in any way? What are its negative effects on our personal lives? The director raises the question of humanity connected with technology.


There’s no connection between the plot of the previous and the next episode except for a few actors, songs, and easter eggs. Every episode has a different story. It’s an amazingly created interesting web series that makes us ponder over our future.

On the other hand, it’s a perfect example of the Metaverse. When we buzz about Metaverse space, there’s still confusion about it. I think the series shows a little glimpse of the Metaverse space. It’s a whole new unique world with holograms, games, 3D, electric vehicles, battery-driven cars, and everything related to technological innovation that we are recently enthusiastic about.

Our daily activities are led by Metaverse as the series shows. It’s surprising that the creator showed the concept a decade ago when the buzz seems very new to us. To make such a series, the script has to work more on human behaviors. Black Mirror shows every nook and corner of the feelings and desires of a human being.


With its simple storytelling, Black Mirror maintains mystery, thriller, and suspense with every episode. Most of the credit goes to the creator of the show to portray such a unique world so minutely and beautifully.

No doubt, it’s an interesting take on the technological effects on our lives. But the series reflects the effects most on our love life, relationship, sex life, or sexual desire instead of showing other areas of life. Yet, it’s a super cool show portraying the detrimental effects of technology as well on our lives.

This Netflix show series is for those who want to get a glimpse or be involved with the future. It is not just an entertaining piece but rather a thought-provoking and brilliant piece. Besides being an entertaining series, Black Mirror is more of a philosophical, psychological, and metaphorical representation of our lives.



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