Chhelo Show aks Last Film Show is the Oscar entry from India for 2023

Another Cinema Paradiso on the Oscar Entry from India for 2023


Another Cinema Paradiso is on the list of Oscar entries for 2023. This time it’s not Italian but purely an Indian regional film with a unique storyline. Chhello Show which sets in a similar setting is the official Oscar entry from India for 2023.

The film is basically based on the director Pan Nalin’s own childhood memories of films. It will compete in the Best International Feature category. It’s a film about one’s dream.


For a Few days, RRR was trending on the internet due to record-breaking performance, big bash release, and Oscar entry from India for 2023. Now, it seems the hope of nomination or winning Oscar is zero. Because the place is taking us in another direction. Gujarati film Chhellow Show is now the official entry for Oscar 2023. 

This is a proud moment for every Indian but not for the fans of RRR. Netizens are fighting over social platforms to protect RRR. On the other hand, it’s good news for all Indians. They are not leaving any moment to celebrate their success. 

We have seen several Indian films, specifically regional films gaining attraction from the prominent international festival. A few days back, 6 Indian films were shown at the Cannes film festival. Though India has been a notable country for any international festival, this is yet another time the country shows its strength again. 


Both films are deserving of entry. Chhello Show is a film about a 9-year-old boy crazy about films. He becomes so engrossed in filmmaking that pushes him to fulfill his dream of making a film.

Do you find any similarity between Cinema Paradiso and Chhello Show? The setting might give you a similar overview but the story is heading unique. 

The film has a deep connection with the village because most of the scenes are shot in village landscapes. It has received much appreciation for the story, cinematography, performance, and for everything. 


Here’s the trailer of the Chhello Show aka The Last Film Show.


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