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7 Other TV Shows to Watch If You Like Black Mirror


All shows are here about multidimensional travelling. Whether it’s Black Mirror, Dark, or even Counterpart, every show explores parallel universes. Isn’t it interesting to go to another universe with new characters and roles? We have accumulated a list of such other shows like Black Mirror or Dark that got overwhelming response from the viewers. Everything just works like magic through these shows. We live in a different world. 

Recently there’s a huge hype on making parallel universe movies and shows. I hope specifically The Interstellar pushed that passion of every filmmaker who wanted to make such movies, though Charlie Brooker had already fuelled the concept of parallel universe through his cult creation Black Mirror currently streaming on Netflix. The concept of black hole is not new now but has gotten more acceptance over the years through movies, shows, newspapers, magazines, etc.


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Where shows like Black Mirror avilable on Netflix explore humanity’s fate with technology, Dark shows a quest for the inceptional identity. On the other hand, Counterpart tries to solve the unsolved mysteries stemming after the world war 2, 11.22.63 is set around preventing John F Kennedy murder. All come with unique plots with interesting storytelling. Here we present to you shows like Black Mirror which you can watch on various platforms including Netflix.

7 Other similar TV series to Watch if You Like Black Mirror

  • Dark
Dark - black mirror like shows

This is one of the most amazing TV shows of all time I have ever seen. One must watch Dark at least once. Otherwise, the complex non-linear narrative will be missed. One has to stick to every episode to understand where it is heading. So complicated is its storytelling that you have to watch it again. There are already 3 seasons. Movie lovers are surely waiting for another blockbuster season.


When I watched the show, I was literally dumbfounded. No episode will lead you to distraction rather it will force you to stick to it as you proceed every ending. If Money Heist is one show to represent Spain, then Dark represents Germany. And certainly Black Mirror claims America.

Dark is one of Netflix’s sweethearts in foreign language category that became an overnight sensation after its launch. Like any other multi dimensional series or movies, Dark is also a complex non linear plot. It starts with two young kids’ missing in a small town. Later, while finding those kids, a parallel universe connection is exposed with the same town and same people.

  • Counterpart
Counterpart Jim Simmons

If you have already seen Jim Simmons in Whiplash, you will surely be amazed after watching Counterpart. How flexible the actor is playing a double role simultaneously. Though not an Oscar worthy performance, he definitely puts his mark throughout the series. Being the main actor, he is always the focus till the end.


On one hand, he is dull, suppressed. On the other hand, he is playing the role of a spy. While a beaurocrat, Howard Silk is living a dull life, another Howard Silk comes from another dimension and his life suddenly changes. The other one from another world is a spy with an unfinished job which is assigned to the protagonist.

It’s an awesome series for those who love to watch parallel world movies. A dark mood engulfs the whole series. There’s also a philosophical side which divides good characters and bad ones. Jim Simmons’ performance carries us with full attention throughout the series.

  • 11.22.63
James Franco tv show 11.22.63

Is it possible to go back to the time and make everything in order which was displaced? That’s what this show explores. It details the prevention of John F Kennedy through multidimensional travelling. James Franco is fantastic as Jake Epping who travels back to 1960s period to stop the assassination of John F. Kennedy. But the history is something different.


This is one of the best works from Stephen King. This is for those who are obsessed with King’s write ups. As there’s a historic connection to the series, the information has to be accurate. With the same environment of 1960, creator Bridget Carpenter digs deeper into the world of that time.

As the title suggests, it gives you a hint to ponder over what the plot could be. James Franco’s spectacular performance carries the suspense throughout this 8-episode series.

  • The OA
Brit Marling sitting in a chair in the OA

What’s more enjoyable about this show is the second season. A young lady named Praire Johnson/Nina/The OA’s journey to another world through time and space is all about The OA. The 2nd Season is more interesting with a more complex plot, more mysteries, more suspense, and overall more thrills.


Where the 1st season may look quite dull, the 2nd season breaks all your expectations and gives a thrilling TV show experience. With amazing storytelling by the creator Brit Mangling, the show explores us a new world  with new proficient performers. Most of the credit goes to Brit Marling, the co-creator and performer who perhaps took inspiration from her early movies such as Another Earth, I Origin, and Sound of My Voice.

Though both seasons have complex plots, the second one is probably more complex. When it starts, it’s another world different from the previous but as you proceed it explores the connection between Season 1 and 2. I think this is what the new generation filmmakers are trying to ponder more over the future, time travelling, black hole, inter-dimensional world, psychology than anything else.

I think the last few minutes are more chanting because Brit wants to travel with her through the multi dimensional world. At the last moment, it becomes more complex to decorate what you just saw.

  • 12 Monkeys
12 Monkeys TV series time travelling show

If you look for a sci-fi series with multidimensional time traveling, then you should have 12 Monkeys on your watchlist. In this series, there are 4 seasons detailing the journey of a scavenger in 2043 travels back to 2015 to kill the group of 12 Monkeys who were responsible for spreading plagues that killed thousands of people at a time.

Overall, this series has its uniqueness with riveting abrupt plot twists. If you have already watched 1995’s 12 Monkeys then this could seem to you a bit dull. As performance wise, this show doesn’t fulfill the criteria of remarkable performance. With lots of horrible sound and dialogues, it creates a proper environment of mystery and thrill.

When I watched the trailer, I was hooked by some goosebumping dialogues to watch the series. And it proves worth watching for entertainment purposes.

  • The Expanse
The Expanse TV series black mirror like sci-fi shows

If there’s any similar shows like Black Mirror then The Expanse is one of them.

This is another series quite similar to multiverse movies or TV series. The show has already grabbed millions of audience all over the world. The Expanse contains a different story that takes place after 100 years in the future where Mars is being improved for residential purposes.

It tells the story of the greatest conspiracy in human history. A detective is assigned to find a missing young woman. With that, it reveals the deeper connection between the Earth and Solar system. The Expanse is an amazing TV show available on Amazon Prime.


With the overwhelming craze for the series, it released its final 6 seasons, though there’s no confirmation about the 7th. One of the best sci-fi shows the entertainment industry has ever released. It’s mostly about VFXs.

  1. Wayward Pines
Shows like Black Mirror

The first few minutes attract and you stick to the whole series. Wayward pines also goes same as multidimensional or parallel universe TV shows, though it is not limited to this genre. Dark mood maintains the mysterious environment throughout the series.

After having an accident, Ethan Burke, a secret agent goes on finding his other subordinate. Everything becomes a puzzle to him. The searching reveals something else. For those who love to be puzzled is the show for them. Wayward Pines is a different world surrounded by mountains as compared to the rest of the world. Despite being a small city, it becomes the whole world itself.

The most interesting part of this show is that the pilot episode was created by M. Night. Shyamalan, famous for his mind-bending storytelling though he was connected with the whole series as an executive producer.


If you are looking for shows like Black Mirror, then you should see the above shows where every show points out one connection which is parallel universe or time travelling. Every show strengthens the concept of finding one’s identity or existence.


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