Best Polish movies of all time Amazon Prime

2 Award Winning Polish Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime Right Now


There are a bunch of spectacular movies available on Amazon Prime right now. Be it English movies or foreign language films, this OTT giant has rights to several mind-blowing films. And with the help of OTT platforms, world movies have become a better destination for movie buffs. If you already have a subscription, then you shouldn’t miss these 2 best polish movies currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

Because of the amazing cinematography of the country, Poland movies are becoming more attractive. There are some great stories to tell in the Polish film industry. After the cultural conflict till 1956, Polish cinema has become a definite choice for newbie filmmakers. Some remarkable movies such as Knife in the Water, Illumination, Interrogation, and even recent Oscar winner Ida have already established Polish cinema’s magic.


Here are 2 award-winning best Polish movies currently streaming on Amazon Prime. Until you have a subscription, you can watch these films free of cost. Don’t miss the chance to watch these two 2 films.

2 Award-Winning Polish Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime

  1. IDA (2013)

This became a boon to the Polish film industry. Before this, Polish cinema was awarded Oscar in the best picture category. These 2 films described here are by Pawel Pawlikowski, the director of the films. It is now easier to understand the film because you have English subtitles.

The plot revolves around a nun who embarks on a journey to discover her original identity and herself along with it. This film needs rigorous character study and Pawel has done a great job. This is why he is one of the best world filmmakers of all time.


Ida’s journey from an innocent to a real-world experienced lady is just an amazing piece in cinematic history. With several significant awards in its name, Ida received an academy award in the Best Foreign Language Films category. The film has become one of the best Polish films of all time.

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  1. Cold War (2018)

Polish cinema is hugely known for its fantastic cinematography. Where Ida has some pleasing picturesque landscapes, Cold War also reveals some of the obsessive scenes in cinematic history.


Loosely based on Pawel’s parents’ love story, Cold War, as the name suggests details the time after World War II till 196Os. It revolves around a musical director who falls for a young singer and starts their passionate love story. The film was released in 2018.

Though the film didn’t win Oscar, it received various other major awards in many categories including cinematography. On the ravaging name, the film shows love, peace, and morals. Now, you can watch Cold War by Pawel Pawlikowski on Amazon Prime. There are many Polish movies on Amazon Prime but these two are essential for any film lover.

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If you love to watch world movies and want to explore Poland, then why not watch these 2 Award-Winning movies first which are available in your hands right now?


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