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Can Omicron Impact on The Batman Featuring Robert Pattinson?


As Spider-Man: No Way Home has already set a milestone, netizens are discussing the box office predictions for the upcoming films. There is a whole list of movies queuing for 2022. No Way Home clearly creates strong competition for the upcoming movies.

One of such movies is Robert Pattinson featuring The Batman releasing in 2022. Amid the ongoing concern of new Covid cases, can Omicron variant be severe on The Batman box office predictions? 


WB has already released the third trailer of The Batman. It has already grabbed some attention from the audience. Featuring Robert Pattinson, The Batman is one of the most anticipated films in 2022 which is going to release on 4th March worldwide. But rapidly increasing Covid cases have started to create panic again in the entertainment industry. 

We have already seen theatres are closing. The schools are shutting down everywhere across the world. So, in this situation, the box office predictions of The Batman are a futile effort. Not only The Batman but there are also many top-rated films waiting to be released this year. Where many theatres are shutting down, the impact will be on every film, though the severity of the new variant is still under control. 

Where No Way Home has increased viewers’ expectations, it is indeed there will be some predictions for the next movies. The Batman with its new cast gives us something new this time by making viewers’ expectations high. Though there is no certainty about The Batman box office collection, the fans will definitely want their movie to cross the No Way Home record.     


The whole world again is in a panic situation. After confronting a second wave, we are predicting a third wave also. Amidst this dreadful concern, the world’s economy will again halt. Some industries like entertainment, transport, etc will see another hit. Though we are enjoying the OTT platforms, production houses are still releasing movies in theatres. 

It’s time to wait to see what happens in the future. If the cases increase more rapidly, then there is no second option to strict lockdown. Spider-Man: No Way Home has beaten many high-profile movies released simultaneously in theatres. There were not so strict terms and conditions which might not be the case for the upcoming movies or might be. 

Whether The Batman or any other films beat the record or not, film lovers will always want to watch great movies.    



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