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Romance in German Movies – A Critical Addition to Cinema


So far foreign films are concerned, German films are the epitome of the new-wave cinema revolution. The country has given the world several movies spreading across different genres. Romance in German movies has been a critical addition to cinematic history.

Though we generally see German movies more from the perspective of World Wars, many movies just vigorously don’t follow the traditional path. Starting from the silent era to date, the German film industry has flooded us with romantic movies.


This article is not a kind of list but I’ll try to give a bunch of names that might interest you. Be it the blue Danube or Frantz, German movies are amazing to watch at any time. Their rich culture and their thoughts tell you all about why German films are so good.

I love how the movies are told through the eyes of various filmmakers. Every director comes up with unique perspectives on love, romance, and life. If you are someone thinking about plunging into German films, you can start with some.

As this is only about German movies I’ll not include any English films though there are thousands of movies plotted in German settings.


Romance in German Movies

  • Frantz (2016)

Though the movie is quite a combination of French and German language, Frantz is a perfect example of a romance in German movies. It tells the story of grief, romance, and mystery. A German woman is grieving her fiance’s death during world war I. Then suddenly the story takes a mysterious turn. A Frenchman comes into her life with a horrible secret.   

  • The Princess and the Warrior (2000)

How a quite complex story leads to an intense quest is an example of this movie. In a story, a nurse falls for a stranger who saved her leading to a unique relationship. Tom Tykwer is an amazing storyteller. If you have never seen Run Lola Run, then The Princess and The Warrior gives us an overview of mastery of filmmaking.  

  • The Blue Danube (1926)

Coming from the silent era, there are thousands of German movies that got huge recognition at the world level. The Blue Danube is a kind of dedication to Austria. This beautiful German romance film is quite a fantastic watch for those who like classics. It’s a masterpiece in German romantic movies. Since then, the movie has been an inspiration for remaking purposes.



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