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Sean Penn Working on a Documentary about the Ukraine Russia war


When Ukraine is in a turmoil situation because of the Russian invasion, an Oscar winner actor took the brave initiative to document the situation there. Sean Penn is making a documentary about the Ukraine Russia war according to a source from the Ukraine President’s office. 

As per the source from its official Facebook page, “The director came to Kyiv to record all the events taking place in Ukraine and as a documentary filmmaker, to tell the truth about the Russian invasion.”


This is such a bold step from the double Oscar-winner actor. In such a war, many essential things become suppressed by the politicians and some heavy-weight personalities. The recent visit shows he has been seen in press news in the president’s office after Putin’s order of military operation on Ukraine.  

The statement added, “Today, Sean Penn is among those who support Ukraine while in Ukraine. Our country is grateful to him for such a display of courage and honesty. Penn demonstrates the kind of courage that many others, including western politicians, lack.”

This documentary is a collaboration between this 61-year old actor and Vice Studios. He visited Ukraine previously and met with officials, journalists about the Russia and Ukraine conflict there. 


Penn is known for his controversy about politics and current affairs. He is also known for his important part in making a documentary on Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

It is an essential part for a filmmaker to tell the truth through films. Being known for his previous controversies, it would be interesting to know how much he reveals the truth about the Ukraine Russia war. 

Previously, he was seen in making Citizen Penn, a documentary about the aftermath of the devastating Haiti earthquake. His non-profit organization, CORE works on such distressing situations for the help of the needy.  


The Russian Ukraine tension is a worldwide concern. Nobody wants war but peace. Someone’s brave step to document the truth will reveal many secrets about the Russia Ukraine issue through the film. 


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