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6 Must-Watch Shows Like Wayward Pines


Shows like Wayward Pines stimulated our longing to watch for similar shows. If you are looking for the same, then this article includes 6 TV shows like Wayward Pines. Filmed in 3 places of British Columbia, Wayward Pines excited much of the movie lovers or filmmakers to scout the location. It’s truly a different world.

The series was created in such a way that suspense maintains throughout the show. In case of Ethan’s death which we know clearly in the 2nd season. On the other hand, there’s suspense in the end of 2nd season where humans are restored and abbies are taking over the town, ultimately the world.


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We have seen such shows like Wayward Pines have attracted us over the years. Recently these kinds of shows are increasing more demand these days. I hope you also want to see such shows. Let me give you a list of shows similar to Wayward Pines.

6 TV Shows Similar to Wayward Pines

  1. The Man in The High castle

Have you ever pondered over how the world would look like if Hitler captured America or Japan ruled over the world? That’s what The Man in the High Castle tries to explore. Instead of showing the original aftermath of World War II, it shows an alternative history. Nazi reins and Americans lost.


Set in a parallel universe, the show went on to create 4 seasons. Ridley Scott as its executive producer and Philip K. Dick adaptation excited the enthusiasm among movie lovers to watch the show. It became a huge success. Currently, it’s streaming on Amazon Prime.

  1. Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a Netflix original British anthology series created by Charlie Brooker. The show caught millions of fans’ eyes. As we see technology has grabbed us in every way. We can’t live without it right now.

As well as serving positive effects, there are some negative effects that we overlook but they are most important in our lives. It depends on how we use technology. Black Mirror implies the same throughout all seasons.


I’m just thinking about the depth the series has. With detailed human behaviors, the writers have pondered over our future minutely. The series casts various prominent performers in different episodes like Miley Cyrus, Bryce Dallas Howard, Daniel Kaluuya, Jesse Plemons, and others.

  1. 12 Monkeys

If you look for shows like Wayward Pines, then you should have 12 Monkeys on your watchlist. The two almost go same as for context. In this series, there are 4 seasons detailing the journey of a scavenger in 2043 travels back to 2015 to kill the group of 12 Monkeys who were responsible for spreading plagues that killed thousands of people at a time.

Overall, this series has its uniqueness with riveting abrupt plot twists. If you have already watched 1995’s 12 Monkeys then this could seem to you a bit dull. As performance wise, this show doesn’t fulfill the criteria of remarkable performance. With lots of horrible sound and dialogues, it creates a proper environment of mystery and thrill.

  1. The Expanse

This is another series quite similar to multiverse movies or TV series. The show has already grabbed millions of audience all over the world. The Expanse contains a different story that takes place after 100 years in the future where Mars is a new territory.

It tells the story of the greatest conspiracy in human history. A detective is assigned to find a missing young woman. With that, it reveals the deeper connection between the Earth and Solar system. The Expanse is an amazing TV show available on Amazon Prime.

With the overwhelming craze for the series, it released its final 6 seasons, though there’s no confirmation about the 7th. One of the best sci-fi shows the entertainment industry has ever released. It’s mostly about VFXs.

  1. 11.22.63

Is it possible to go back to the time and make everything in order which was displaced? That’s what this show explores. It details the prevention of John F Kennedy through multidimensional travelling. James Franco is fantastic as Jake Epping who travels back to 1960s period to stop the assassination of John F. Kennedy. But the history is something different.

This is one of the best works from Stephen King. This is for those who are obsessed with King’s write ups. As there’s a historic connection to the series, the information has to be accurate. With the same environment of 1960, creator Bridget Carpenter digs deeper into the world of that time.

As the title suggests, it gives you a hint to ponder over what the plot could be. James Franco’s spectacular performance carries the suspense throughout this 8-episode series. It’s another parallel universe TV show similar to Wayward Pines.

  1. The Leftovers

A global unbelievable event that made a buzz around the world. It was a sudden disappearing of some people everywhere from the world. The series came just after 3 years of the event. Based on facts, it tells the story of the people who lost their relatives or dear ones try to cope with the society after this mysterious event.

Justin Theroux impresses us by his performance. Also, other notable actors stand out because of their performance. The series stands out due to its performances, storytelling, and direction. Starting with a hook, it creates mysteries throughout the series


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