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Squid Game Web Series Review | Wins Millions of Hearts Worldwide


Before starting the review of Squid Game running on Netflix, it’s important to know what actually the Squid Game is. It’s a popular Korean game played by children. Though this series contains many games, we finally see Squid Game in the last episode.


Breaking many records, the Squid game has already become a darling to worldwide audiences after the Spanish Series “Money Heist” craze. Though money heist has been running for 4 years, the Squid Game with its first season has put a dent in the worldwide entertainment industry.


Recently, Netflix’s effort to release some awesome movies throughout the years has been successfully executed. The platform is giving us remarkable entertainment. Squid Game is another one. Though the film is based on children’s games, it doesn’t approach childlike.


Netflix’s The Squid Game Full Review


Starting with episode 1, it shows some struggling peoples’ lives through the eyes of Seong Gi-Hun, Ali, Kang Sae-byeok, Cho Sang-woo, and many others. Everyone is facing troubles in their lives. Money is such a thing that makes us greedy at such a difficult time.


It’s our story, actually. Whenever it’s getting too much difficulty in life, we find aggressively anything miracle to happen so that our lives can be changed so smoothly.


Squid Game gives us the starting point in our day-to-day miserable and desperate lives in the first episode. One more interesting feature you will notice from the first episode is its music. But Ali’s character looks over slavery. Discrimination in society is clearly seen in his character.


With a unique sense, the tune will particularly attract more as the story forwards. We get a first view of the game in this episode. Everything seems to be normal but it unfolds its true character when players are killed. The horrible incident takes a turn in their lives.


Coming to the second episode, everything is new to the players. They haven’t seen people wearing masks, costumes from toe to head. They get a chance to leave the game by having a majority of votes on the side of not playing.


But their unfortunate lives put them into the same game again. We become familiar with the cutting-edge sets including the fabulous riddling staircases.

When I was watching the series, I felt in every episode, with so many characters, they seem like pawns directed through the player. The series has been choreographed very well by every creator especially costume director, set designer, music composer, and screenwriter.


It becomes more interesting as we proceed towards the third episode. It unfolds the connection between the game and the players’ childhood memories. The makers of the series have properly maintained the tense situation in every game.

The script becomes more complex when an outsider sneaks into this empty island set in the middle of an ocean. By identifying some familiarities with his life, Hwang Jun-ho gets involved in the game disguising himself with the robotic killers.


It’s very unique in its appearance to the film industry. Starting from its costumes, music to sets, everything looks exotic. After money heist, this is another web series to grab your attention throughout the whole series. Though the first two episodes might go boring, you feel lively from the third episode.


It’s madness in the fourth episode where a tug of war game starts with background music simultaneously. To win the game, strategy is an important point to go through. Eventually, the episode leaves us with suspense that forces us to watch the next episode.

Watching some series really makes our time worthy. This piece is a valuable one in the entertainment industry that will last longer in the audiences’ minds. We have already been familiar with its record-breaking all over the world. With more than 1. 65 billion views, Squid Game acquires a special place in audiences’ minds.


The fifth episode starts with the same tug of war game which puts us in suspense in the last episode. Finding out the question of why anyone would arrange such a game, the fifth episode gives us a bit of a blink. Someone should have a motive to arrange such a game.

The motive of such a game is to earn money through selling organs of the dead players. The players who die in the game are kept in an underground basement. It’s already planned that they would bring a doctor there. He picks out the organs from the dead players.

It’s not far when the story gives us a new perspective on life through the words of the game owner. The players have got the last chance to play fair which was not possible in the outside world. We dig deeper into the philosophical views of our lives in reality.

As the Web series proceeds ahead, it unfolds the story in a new dimension. The killers now get into a conflict with each other. On the other hand, disguised in a killer costume, Hwang Jun-ho digs deeper into the other portion of the land where he finds out his brother’s documents in a room packed up with documents of information about the players.

It becomes more emotional in the sixth episode. It teaches us moralities in our life. Cheating and being honest is part of our lives. What matters is which side we choose. One is getting killed by cheating and the other is winning by cheating as well.

Being too emotional, the sixth episode loses some important characters from the series. Though it doesn’t keep any suggestions in suspense, in the end, it makes us sure that the seventh episode will start with a new twist. The interesting feature of this episode is an awesome set of the game.

VIPs arrive in the seventh episode. They have already betted hugely on players. Every episode unveils its uniqueness in its appearance. This time with some naked-designed models standing around the guests. Talking about cinematography and editing, there’s not much to review but some match cuts make the series more attractive.

It finally puts us with the outside world again along with the intruder escaping the land. The next two episodes are too important because the already-stimulated thrill inside us has bound to complete the series.

In the eighth episode, the shortest episode of this whole series, a particular scene at the beginning grabbed our attention when three players eat together. A piece of classical background music with a combination of camera movement hypnotize us throughout the scene. In this episode, the frontman of the game reveals himself, and Hwang Jun-ho gets shot by him. Sae-byeok, one of the lead characters dies.

Squid Game, no doubt, has strength in its script but some questions might arise. If Hwang Jun-ho was from the police, why did he let everyone die in the game? Wasn’t there anything he could help in any way? If his plan of informing the police department fails, what will he do or if he can’t get out of the dystopian land, what will he do? These questions might be unanswered, though the script has maintained its complexity.

The Squid Game starts in the last episode. It’s more of a fight than playing the game. Seong Gi-Hun finally wins the game. After one year, we get him as a wanderer. He is more mature than others because he has learned some expensive lessons in life that others don’t. He is more silent than he was before. Another interesting change in him is his red hair.

As you have come to conclusion, don’t you want to know who the mastermind of this game is? This is why you need to watch the series once. You will be shocked by the revelation. The last episode also keeps us in suspense with the thought as if there would be any 2nd season.

Ultimately, the series leaves us with an important question if any considerate human being risks his valuable life for money regardless of how debt-ridden he is. Money is really a demanding factor at a time but is that really justified to take risks in life in reality? Okay, for the purpose of a film, we can take it as justified.

Though this question might arise in you also, you will get a better and worthy enough web series to watch in your life. It will not disappoint you at any time. Finally, Squid Game wins millions of hearts with its uniqueness. 


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