Robert Pattinson the batman statue

Life-sized Statue of Robert Pattinson in The Batman Suit in Thailand


As part of a marketing campaign, a production house has to do many such interesting things. Recently, as The Batman is expecting to be released worldwide, marketing gimmicks are attracting millions of its fans. Warner Bros. Thailand revealed a life-sized statue of Robert Pattinson in the batman suit.  

The release date of The Batman has been delayed for years because of the Covid19 pandemic, though the anticipation is buzzing everywhere. Being one of the highly anticipated films in 2022, The Batman features Robert Pattinson in the titular role. As the release date of eth movie is coming near, the production of the film has upped its marketing game. 


Warner Bros. Thailand has revealed its massive-sized Robert Pattinson statue in the Batman suit. A video clip has also been shared on their social media account. Their marketing strategies also include implementing Edward Naashton’s riddles, posters including cryptic messages, etc. revealing a statue is another attractive and impressive initiative by their PR team at the same time.

WB Thailand took to Twitter by sharing the actual life-sized statue in their native language. They have also included the trailer of the film in the post. 

The picture shows the statue of Robert Pattinson in the Batman suit standing on an electric machine that reveals posters from the movie intermittently. Though such marketing gimmicks have been going on for a long, this is a great event for Pattinson to get such an iconic value in his life. Seeing his iconic statue makes him a great achievement in his life. 


The Batman fans around the world are eagerly waiting for the film. It is really interesting evident for the promotion of the movie. The filmmakers are not leaving any chance to promote the film with a life-sized approach. This Matt Reeves-directed movie will deal with the fight between batman and the riddler. 

There is an expectation from the box office also because Spider-Man: No Way Home has already set a milestone breaking all the previous box office records. If Omicron doesn’t cause any breakout, then The Batman can increase its profit bookings. Tickets are on sale from 10th Feb as per WB’s Twitter profile. The movie will be released on 4th March.  


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