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The Sandman TV Series Review – Neil Gaiman’s Imaginary World Creates an Illusion to Everyone 


When we sleep a different world exists there. It’s a dream world. There’s a dream, a good one, there’s a nightmare, an enemy to the dream. We can’t control any one of them, rather they control us. Experimenting with dreams has been going on for ages but there’s still a mystery. The Sandman TV series running on Netflix captures mythological characters in modern time centered around dreams. 

It’s an imaginary world that creates an illusion to every one of us. Vision must take a beautiful turn when there’s already a visionary at the helm. Neil is one of the creators of the series.


Gaiman’s World of dreams in the Sandman TV series

Neil Gaiman created a complex world of dreams. He is specifically known for its fascinating creation through writing. The publication actually started in 1989 through comic book series. With so much appreciation, it was supposed to be a film but due to various issues, the plan was delayed.

Netflix made such an opportunity to release The Sandman finally.

Visualization of such a world is quite difficult and sometimes could be creepy. As it’s a dream world, there are creepy elements. Filmmakers capture some exotic places that could represent a dreamy space. Starting from entering the world of dreams to gaining power, all are boosted by those picturesque landscapes that increase the beauty of the series.


To create such a world, special effects play the most crucial role. It’s truly an inspiring piece for the VFX industry. Whether it’s hell, heaven, or even earth, The Sandman VFX team has done an admirable job. As an imaginary world, there’s no need to find rationality. Anything is possible.

Every character is unique on their own threading a nice plot. As soon as the story proceeds, various characters come into play representing a different characteristic from each other. Gaiman is no doubt a great writer. His creation of characters is highly admirable. It seems he wants to put a mark in our head through his characters, through his magical, specifically a metaphorical world.


It reminds me of some mythological characters I read in my childhood while watching the series. There are names among various gods like Roman Gods or Hindu Gods like the god of water. Here, every character is defined by their unique features. The Fates are symbolic representations. There are raven, serpents enriching the script of the series.


Characters are quite metaphors here in this series. It’s quite a symbolism of something. That’s a great style of work. There’s a spectacular scene inside a pub where John is controlling every character. Everybody wanted a good world. Pessimistic John sees humanity in a nihilistic way.

It’s a play between construction and destruction. As soon as the Dream enters the pub, we see hope, light and darkness disappear. Dreams make humans alive. On the other hand, death is an ultimate choice. The choice depends upon individuals. Gaiman ushers you into the world of good and evil.

Tom Sturridge as the king of dreams aka Morpheus uniquely presents with his baritone voice which strengthens the grip of the series.


How would you see it, as a mythological story or as an Edgar Allan Poe type of material? Because Poe types of horror elements along with psychological complexities spread across the series. Some spooky elements create supernaturalism. Being an entertaining series, it tries to capture the authenticity of the book.

See American God. Blending with mythology and fantasy, American Gods ponders over the old and new gods friction whereas The Sandman centers around dreams. Is raven common? Does a raven carry any identity in his work? Maybe. He used the same raven creating symbolism in both of his works.

And why would you watch The Sandman TV series? There’s life and death, there are nightmares and dreams, destruction and construction, mythology and modernity, pessimism and optimism, desire, equality, even time-travelling and ultimately there’s hope which no one can beat. What else do you need in a film or a TV show! 



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