The Silent Sea, Netflix's most-watched non-English series

The Silent Sea Review: An Engaging Series Plotted on A Sensitive Issue


Giving a look at some films different from Don’t Look Up and The White Tiger, The Silent Sea became a chosen topic of this review. Before starting, let me give you an overview of the film. It’s a Korean Sci-fi web series starring Gong Yoo, Bae Doona, Heo Sung-Tae, Lee Joon, and others.

Recently, there’s a huge hype on Korean movies, music, and their stars. Where Squid Game has already won millions of fans’ hearts, other web series have started to gain attention worldwide. Netflix has also given a huge space for the industry. So, this comes with The Silent Sea, Netflix’s most-watched non-English series of the week. 


It starts with a spaceship crashing. As we get an overview of the spaceship, the web series grabs our attention and we get spellbound. It’s hanging on the edge of empty land. The story goes backward.

Scientists are planning to go to the moon to find water samples from an abandoned research center as water will be in shortage within 10 years.  Every scene shudders you with mystery and thrill as well as secrets about the mission. 

Chilling suspense throughout the episode holds our attention to the end of episode 1 where they lose their spaceship and an astronaut. But they managed to reach the preassigned destination, Balhae Station. Episode 1 trails us to watch the second one.


Recently released, The Silent Sea has already been mentioned as one of the top 10 series on Netflix. Based on the short film, The Sea of Tranquility made by the same director, Choi Hang-Yong, the story raises a very sensitive issue, the water crisis on earth on which the spaceship mission is made. What’s surprising is you get some known faces from Squid Game.

Starting with cinematography and editing, it gets much importance in this web series. The Silent Sea is an example of a modern entity. With cutting-edge visual effects and some awesome shots, the series becomes more magical.

As we proceed, it becomes more mysterious. The series is full of mysteries.  Because of the non-linear storytelling, every episode has some more to reveal. We face complexity ahead. Sometimes, we get exposed to doctor Song’s past which is somehow related to the mission.


Reflections from the past blending with the present mission push the story forward. We continue to know about every character. We confront a bunch of dead bodies. With this, it creates a maze inside our heads. Storytelling is woven so minutely that audiences don’t get bored at any time.

Dr. Song seems a mysterious character in this series from the very beginning. It seems she knows what others don’t. Every clue unfolds one by one previous incident as the story proceeds that bind us with every episode.

“What’s next? Who’s killing the crew?” Drives us throughout the series. Unique music on the suspense moment builds up the tension in every episode.


Episode 3 unveils the investigation on the cause of death of the previous mission’s crew members. Sudden cuts to create suspense make the series more amazing.

Attention-grabbing suspense music is admirable in every episode. Each episode ends with suspense that holds our attention to the next.

Some VFX scenes in episode 4 could blow your mind. It’s not looking fake rather the work of VFX reminds us of the competition between South Korea and the Hollywood industry. It literally competes with the American movies.


Camera work puzzles us with how amazingly the scene has been created when the captain goes to find out the root of the research station. It hypnotizes us with the scene when Dr. Song thinks someone or something is following her. Empty land under the research station gives us a horrific view. All credit goes to cinematography and background music.

The Silent Sea has depth in its name. It connects Galileo’s thoughts about the dark spots on the moon. Such scripts need heavy research because we are not aware of what’s inside the moon yet. There might be many things that we don’t know. With proper lighting, various kinds of shots, the episode ends with showing plants on the moon.

In episode 5, we get a glimpse of the creature who is causing the death of the crew members. As soon as we confront the situation, questions start to appear. As soon as we find out the killer of those crew members, another question arises who the actual intruder is.


Though the script is non-linear, it appears to us with simplicity. From episode 6, the series takes a different turn when Dr. Song starts to get involved with the creature. Showing more affection to the creature in such a horrific situation becomes ridiculous but the story keeps its engagement.

Where episode 7 keeps us engaged with the traitor in the crew, episode 8 reveals what happened to the previous mission and research station. Every secret reveals in this episode.

The ending scene is emotional. There is a cinematic sequence where Luna stands in front of the earth for which every filmmaker greeds. 


The Silent Sea is much better than any movie. It needs more attention from the worldwide entertainment industry. With its fine making all the ingredients in it, The Silent Sea keeps us watching the series more than one time.

There’s a huge portion of audiences who love sci-fi movies. The Silent Sea satisfies those audiences with its chilled suspense and mystery.


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