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What’s All The Buzz About The Silent Sea Season 2?


After the success of Squid Game at a global level, the Korean entertainment industry has recently seen massive growth and demand from audiences. Netflix has released many Korean films and web series throughout the years. One of the other success stories is The Silent Sea. There is a buzz that Netflix is working on The Silent Sea season 2, though there is no official announcement about the project. 

With its chilled suspense and thriller, The Silent Sea managed to secure a top 10 position in 88 countries all over the world. Directed by Choi Hang-Yong, the film follows a mission to the moon. It sets in the backdrop of a space mission where a group of astronauts goes to the moon to retrieve water samples that could save the earth. 


Every episode holds our attention and leads us to a conclusion. Though there is still no official confirmation about The Silent Sea season 2, the ending leaves us with a potential future of it. The first season ended with a little satisfactory conclusion. And that’s driving the audience to watch season 2. 

An Overview of the First Season 

The Silent Sea
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When the earth is wasting water, a group of scientists in South Korea plans to go to the moon. Where they can find lunar water that can save the world. It started with a crash landing that makes us bound with the series. A short film named The Sea of Tranquility was released in 2014. This inspired the filmmaker to direct his short as a web series. 

Deadly consequences keep the series attractive with much tension and thrill. In the end, there are only three survivors – Dr. Song, Luna, and Dr. Hong Ga-Young. A chopper flies back to the earth leaving the mission complete. This leaves us with the potential release of The Silent Sea season 2. Viewers obviously get surprised when main casts are dying one by one. 



So what is the release date of The Silent Sea season 2? Fans are already expecting a part 2 but it doesn’t seem there is any plan for season 2. If there is any plan for it, then it would take more time to go on the floor because we don’t have any information if there is already a script or not. 

Potential Cast FOR SEASON 2

There is actually nothing. No plot, no casts, or even there is no activity on social media. But we can at least predict that the cast would be totally different except for 3 survivors. Because many characters have already died in the mission. 

As we have already known that survives have retrieved the lunar water sample and they are coming to earth. The next season might be set on the earth. Or it might be possible to go go to the moon again to investigate something else. 


Whatever the plot or cast is, as fans, we are eager to witness another shuddering experience. It would be more interesting to see what happens when Luna reaches the earth. 


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