Brazilian movies on Amazon Prime

6 Unique Brazilian Movies on Amazon Prime


Love to watch Brazilian movies then why not sneak peak on Amazon Prime once!

It is very difficult to watch world movies on any channel or nearest theatre halls because those movies are for limited release. Though we love to explore such movies, we can’t.


This is why some OTT platforms have taken initiatives to introduce the whole world through acquiring the rights of some foreign language films.

In our previous articles, you saw Polish movies on Amazon Prime. This article includes a list of Brazilian movies currently streaming on Amazon Prime. Depending on your region, some movies may not be available. Almost all the movies should be available in every country.

The space for foreign language films is gradually increasing as compared to mainstream. Choices might be different but audiences are being more sophisticated on what they watch. Either they watch for entertainment purposes or learning. Whatever the motif is, all movies listed below put you into the world of Brazil.


Mubi which provides a lot of such great movies is currently a preferred destination for movie buffs, although Netflix and Amazon also are providing such content. If you love to watch Brazilian movies then don’t miss the chance. Amazon Prime is at your hands.

Why bother about finding such great movies everywhere whereas Amazon Prime is there. It has a bunch of Brazilian movies, Polish movies, Bengali movies, and dog movies free of cost. So, let’s look at our list of 6 amazing Brazilian movies available on Amazon Prime right now in 2022 for free.

6 Amazing Brazilian movies on Amazon Prime in 2022 for Free

  1. Invisible Life

The movie which was in the recent buzz captured movie lovers’ attention deeply. It’s a story about two sisters embarking on a journey of fulfilling their dreams, their desires, and their longings.


It’s mainly a feminist drama highlighting the two sisters. In this melodrama, the context shows never give up attitude on life. Being separated from each other, they come together at a time and never lose hope.

  1. Losing My Marbles

Best suited for mostly young people who are anxious, insecure about their lives, this film portrays some lights on it. A lady can’t adjust to this world. She wants to lead a normal life. When she steps out from her world to lead a different life, there are only amazing experiences.

It’s an authentic piece of drama from a lady’s perspective. We all want to live the best version of our lives. This film stimulates the same philosophy inside us. It’s available on Amazon Prime for free. In fact, every movie listed here is available for free on Amazon Prime Video.

  1. Marighella

Most of the films are new. Marighella is one of them. It’s a story of brevity, courage, and freedom. When Brazil was a dictatorship country, there was a significant revolution which was exploded by Marighella, a revolutionary controversial writer leading the team of activists.

Carlos Marighella was a noted writer, politician, and Marxist who resisted the military coup in Brazil. His last 5 years were more significant than any other events in his life. Set in 1964, it tells you a contemporary story. It is relevant today as well. Available on Amazon Prime, the film is one of the best Brazilian movies among others.

  1. Reaching for the Moon

It’s a kind of a lesbian love story set between two women. Both are aged, professional, and on a quest for desire. Set in the picturesque landscape of Brazil, the story details a tragic love affair between a poet and an architect.


The narrative mostly describes the sensation between two people with some spectacular scenarios. Also, the film includes our longings for another person when we feel reclusive. It’s an embodiment of love, loss, grief, and solitude.

  1. Rio, I Love You

You see other films or not, you should watch Rio, I Love You. As the name suggests, the setting revolves around the spectacular and popular Romance city of Brazil. Built in a unique style, the film captures some moments, specifically the love of different people in the city.

There are international casts which make the movie more attentive but somehow, it lacks attractiveness. There are ten directors coming together with ten short films that gave birth to Rio, I Love You. It’s the third installment of the Cities of Love.

  1. The Girl Who Killed Her Parents

While watching some philosophical films, it is necessary sometimes to watch something psychological as it is entertaining and quite fueling your brain. Based on a true story, this horrible thriller details the shocking murder case of a parents by their daughter in 2002.

In this horrific crime story, the daughter ties up with her boyfriend and brother namely Cravinho brothers to kill her parents. This movie gives you goosebumps. It has another version which is told from the perspective of a boy. The plot is exactly the same.


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