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Wayward Pines Review – Should You Watch?


We have seen various films, literature, web series depicting a totally different world where humans are on the verge of extinction and a new species emerging. Most notably the prediction on the abolition of human beings has attracted creators,  scientists, and millions of people worldwide to ponder over such situations. Recently some web series like Wayward Pines represents the same concept but with abbies.

Here, the new species, called Abbies. A doctor predicts and builds an anomalous world to protect human beings from those dangerous creatures. So, he works on his vision appointing people in Wayward Pines. On one side, the doctor is building a different world, on the other, a secret agent saves the town from his experiment.


Because of M. Night. Shyamalan, the first season created an extreme buzz among movie lovers, though he directed only the pilot episode. The whole series is filled with solving mysteries. The second season sees a lot of changes in the cast. Matt Dillon who surprised us with his performance in Rumble Fish or The House that Jack Built fails to make any mark. 

Fox, after long years, premiered such an amazing show but it lacks performance except for Hope Davis and Terrence Howard. Everything is made for entertainment purposes only. Plot is okay, no doubt. Cinematography wise, it gives us pleasure. Dark mood maintains the mysterious environment throughout the series.


One can watch only once then it doesn’t create much attention for you. The first season attracts attention, the second season loses attention being an exaggerated follow-up of the former. This is why the 2nd season was the last season. So, there’s no 3rd season.


The first few minutes attract and you stick to the whole series. Wayward Pines also goes same as multidimensional or parallel universe TV shows, though it is not limited to this genre. Based on the novel by Black Crouch, Wayward Pines excited Shyamalan as soon as read it. Fox bought the rights of the series. Because of the overwhelming response of the first season, the second season had to come but it couldn’t satisfy audiences.

After having an accident, Ethan Burke, a secret agent goes on finding his other subordinate. Everything becomes a puzzle to him. The searching reveals something else. For those who love to be puzzled is the show for them. Wayward Pines is a different world surrounded by mountains as compared to the rest of the world. Despite being a small city, it becomes the whole world itself.

The most interesting part of this show is that the pilot episode was created by M. Night. Shyamalan, famous for his mind-bending storytelling though he was connected with the whole series as an executive producer. What the world will look like after 2000 years from now is captured limited but the place where humans are stored is built nicely. Another surprising part is its limitation with location. The whole series is shot in one place only. Filming took place in British Columbia.


Wayward Pines Ending

The ending of the 1st season is quite puzzling as it puts us into suspense. Ethan Burke dies in the end by saving his neighbours. But they are not safe because what the last minute shows gives us a hint of spreading of abbies. On the other hand, in the end of 2nd season, it shows the restoration of human beings in machines where abbies take on the town of Wayward Pines.

There are shows on the same concept of parallel universes like Black Mirror, Counterpart, or The OA . Wayward Pines represents a unique story which is amazing to devour. 


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