Yellowstone by taylor sheridan review

Yellowstone (Season 1-4) Review – Taylor Sheridan’s Dream Project Has Become a Legacy On Its Own


One side is protecting their world, another one is trying to constantly destroy it. And to do it, how long can everyone go? That’s what the Yellowstone world of Taylor Sheridan is about. It’s about violence, emotions, philosophies, and ruthlessness. After rendering 4 consecutive seasons each year, the show has been one of the favorites of millions. Everywhere you see the brand image with “Y”.

Long after Hatfields and McCoys in 2012, Costner made another appearance on web series, though he has regularly been active in movies. Mostly famous for his western dramas, Costner plays John Dutton with rigorousness in Yellowstone. As soon as the first scene opens, we see an accident near an empty valley surrounded by mountains. From the very first scene, Hell or High Water writer, Sheridan gives us a glance over Dutton’s brutality showing a horse getting killed by him.


Soon, the presence of John Dutton becomes a serious issue with everyone including his son as well. But fighting for protecting the family and land doesn’t stop. Flashbacks bind every episode, letting us know that Yellowstone is a legacy of the Dutton family. The 7th generation land cannot be handed over to others for civilization purposes. It is properly justified by the dialogue from John Dutton when he says nobody has the right, one needs to take it or stop being taken.

Set in the picturesque landscape in the valley of Montana, Yellowstone is perhaps the best manifestation of mastery by Taylor Sheridan as a writer. His characters get exact portrayals through the ensemble cast. Kelly Reilly who couldn’t catch her viewers’ eyes through Britannia or other projects, Yellowstone becomes a career-changing project for her. Reilly’s performance specifically needs special mention. Her dominant attributes throughout the series hold our attention till the end.

Sheridan’s mastery of revealing characters’ traits gradually but with a simple plot proves he could go enough to make every character strong and perfect on their own. Every character takes a different shape which is rememberable for ages. Reilly plays Dutton’s daughter, Beth who is a dominant lady whereas his brother, Jamie is suffering from an identity crisis. On the other hand, Dutton’s other son Kayce lives far from his family but eventually, blood relation pulls him closer to his family.


Montana gets a unique world with the expertise of Taylor Sheridan through the lens. He puts us into the world of John Dutton, one of the largest ranchers in the United States. The world is filled with cowboys, horses, and a beautiful paradise valley. His long-inculcated passionate project relies heavily on rights, justice, power, and money. Also, the series gave birth to a prequel created by him.

Blending with western music, Yellowstone has its uniqueness in its appearance. The world is exotically portrayed by Sheridan. Academy Award winner Alan Robert Murray set a unique tone for the series with his sound editing department, though he worked only in the first season. The series has seen the deaths of a few important cast and crew members including Murray.

Because of its rich dialogues, and powerful characters, Yellowstone captures its viewers’ attention with some emotional scenes. Where Beth is fighting for her father, Casey supports him with his presence but his wife doesn’t want that life. Ultimately she also joins the gang after her son gets kidnapped. 


On the other hand, Rip, a rancher working at the Dutton ranch since as a kid gets more importance in the family through the emotional letter of John Dutton where he mentions him as his son.


Music is an integral part that gives a proper identification of the whole series. And with the addition of sound adornment, the series elevates to the next level. Though every session is violent, season 4 in which John Dutton gets shot is more horrible than the previous seasons. 


Not only the head but the whole family sees destruction around them in the first episode. Also, it includes more depth with metaphors. With a piece of unique music and emotional scenes, Yellowstone makes a heavy impact on us. The family drama shapes into an action film.

A bunch of prominent cast gets exposure to the high level with this series along with the fortune of Paramount Network. Yellowstone becomes more of a family drama with human rights and survival as its core theme. Everyone is fighting for justice from their own point of view. But ultimately, one has to survive or win the game. This is why it is suitable when Casey says survival is the very thing that we all do.

Though it’s a purely family drama, considering its sexual references and violence, Yellowstone is an adult watch. Taylor Sheridan’s love and fascination for cowboys prevail here in this TV series. This is why perhaps a prequel named 1883 has also been made by him.


Yellowstone is an amazing show but sometimes later after 1st or 2nd season, it becomes boring and cliched. What you find through Sicario or Hell or High Water written by Taylor Sheridan isn’t found through Yellowstone. 

Watch every season of Yellowstone on Amazon Prime or Paramount Network.


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